Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Life after death has been studied by scientists at Southampton University who found evidence that conscious awareness can continue for at least a few minutes …


  1. i really want to believe in god but i just can’t seem to truly believe he’s real. that’s why i’m scared to die because i don’t want to be punished for simply having a hard time believing in something i’ve never seen

  2. Why argue about these topics when…NOTHING has been proven? Every single person in the world who reads this, think heavily on this…we kill gays (not me but) and others just because of old wise tales that basically says that an old man in the sky is judging us every second of our lifetime…we are our own people, we don't need a wise tale to intrude on the happiness of this world…this is why religion has gone too far, it's literally the reason for most slaughterings..

  3. It takes a few minutes for all the energy to trickle out of the body. After that you no longer exist.
    "conscious awareness can continue for at least a few minutes after death" Not true. Death is the end of consciousness.

  4. Life after death seems a possibility. Specially from the NDE experiences by the likes of Eben Alexander and from the reincarnation research by IAN stevenson etc. It's not in keeping with scientific temper to ignore evidence.

    AS ALLWAYS , A BIG FAT LIE ,,,,,, Greatest Secrets RevealedIE , There is nobody on this pLANET that can answering it , beqause if they have , they was not realy dead , but in a split sec sort oftime where u simply surwived,,,

    but was in a state of life that could go both ways, but it became life, therefore these near death experiences have only really been answered by those who have returned, as a last jerk from the brain before it completely dies for all time,

    therefore, this is like explaining to a child something no one has a prerequisite to grasp, death is nothing to fear, it is a friend such as being born, what all fear most is therefore not the death itself, but the way one will die and that there will be short-term suffering before we embark on the strangest journey we have ever had, I myself have been in this situation where I see what is happening, recognized those who were present to save my life, to incredible odd it is that our yarns are able to make such an incredible condition, where they are not a sign of life, yet we experience absolutely everything, I have no other explanation than that we are only in another port and a new beach, and I am convinced that wherever I am going, yes, all minar and dear + friends and others are waiting, nothing to be afraid of, live and then die with the same mind, we must die to make circulation so that others can try this too live my friends. in mexico, they celebrate the day of death, an incredible upliftment was dety to me when I was celebrating such a joy,,,, BUT WHERE IS THE NEWS U PROMISS ME IN THE TEXT , THERE IS NON ,THERE IS NO PROVES AT ALL HERE ON THIS FUCKING SITE ,, TMCHRISTENSEN . NABO MED SWEEDEN . ……………………………… BAD TASTE .

  6. When you die, you go back into your shield amongst other shields embodying other souls. You ride the skin of the ethereal Apple all the way up in formation like military or like fish in water…if you peek out of line and see where the seeds are of that ethereal Apple in the process of ascending, then you become beckoned to its desire bringing you right back to Earth like Han Solo getting pulled into the Death Star before parking there. You are Adam and Eve on loop. When you get close, you see yourself, and in that moment you become a crab switching shells and slip into ‘the Mirror of Erised (Desire)’. Why do you think our highways use shields? 😉 The shield is YOU. The coat of arms are you, it’s your face and also the technically you are an Agent of Shield. Why else would Harry Potter sit center stage and choose his shield?😉 Why do you think the military fluff up the shoulders and christen the chest with medals? It’s a shield with wings. Earth hypnotizes us the follow through with a center placed desire for the fixation of your senses to further condition your frequency and karma cords. The more we keep coming back, the more turbulent our planet and people become. We can’t remember the stem because, again, the earth wants you to focus on a center placement in almost every way. Your third eye will remember nothing else. Yet “Mufasa” will keep saying “Remember.” But can you remember to put back the everlasting gobstopper (deny the desire) and instead shoot up using the glass elevator? That’s the only way you get out. In America, the industrial complex hypnosis is so strong, a lot of us will keep coming back without realizing what we’ve done until back in the womb again. It’s actually quite simple to understand, yet this video actually never gave you the answer. I just gave you the answer.
    Simulation decrypted
    …and no one else will ever tell you what I’ve just told you because no one knows what’s going on except the elites; and that’s exactly how they want it to be.
    Good luck reading every other comment for an answer. I just gave you an ethereal map of what we are all mimicking each and every day…like flies to a light, it’s a tale as old as time; you are beauty who tried to tame a beast and ended up becoming both — here in the finite space.
    No one knows love, therefore no one knows the answer. I love you all and that’s why I know the answer.


  7. As if we depend on those scientists, lol this is normal for spiritual people and know this for since before we were born. It's just the sheep and servants of short-sightedness and evil who will try to stop other people from knowing death is a homecalling

  8. About 20 years ago I lived with my parental family. One day during the night, I was playing with a tennis ball in the living room while everyone else was upstairs asleep (it was only my mother, sister and I in the house). I kicked the tennis ball gently into the corner of the room and it hit the curtains and came to a stop. I went upstairs to retrieve something and when I came back downstairs into the living room I was intensely shocked. The tennis ball was sitting in the middle of the couch and there is no way it could've gotten there without someone or thing physically relocating it ( I watched it come to a stop after hitting it)!

    I'd always been skeptical of the existence of ghosts when I heard people talking about it because I had always though superstitious people had little education. However, that time really did it for me. You might not have had any such experiences yourself, but keep an open mind. Science at this stage can only explain so much and it's an ever progressive process – so don't dismiss things just simply because our scientific methods are not yet advanced enough to investigate such things.

  9. The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.NOT,white boys and girls with asbergers syndrome.The bible is all you need.The real one,which is why,they replaced the real bible(the king James) with fake NWO bibles in most churches.Also,the dead sea Scrolls were hidden away.What is automatic Writing?Where a demon controls the arm of a person.A demon writes a best seller(Darwins Theory of Evolution),(Steven Hawking books).SOmeone with asbergers syndrome,gets the credit,for a book they did not write.Not to mention,the masses,are educated in BS and doctrines of demons.

  10. Please don't interper in the work of God. If God want to die some one no one will a live him. If God want a live to some one and nothing is impossible for God.
    Allah created the whole universe . Allah is the owner of world.

  11. I accidently had an out of body experience, a few years ago, it wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it was as real as what we term reality. I went to bed and my youngest daughter had asked to sleep in my bed with me, I had at this point become addicted to meditating, and on this particular day I had done it for 5 hours straight. I was extreamly chilled and relaxed. We fell to sleep, I awoke to a sound that I can only describe as sharp claws scraping on wooden stairs. Honestly I was confused as we had carpet on the stairs but was wondering what the hell it was. I turned to see my youngest daughter asleep beside me, but the sound seemed to be getting closer. My first thought was fear but also I had to protect my children so I pulled back the covers I felt the chill in the air, put my bare feet on the solid floor, everything was so real. As I stood up, I felt what felt like someone's hand push against my chest and I fell back onto my bed, which then woke me up, I sat up startled in bed, looked beside me to see my daughter still sleeping, the noise had stopped, so I took a deep breath of relief to realise it was a dream. However, I fell back to sleep, to get again be awoken again by the scary scraping sound, I again looked to my side where my daughter was still sleeping, the sound appeared yet again to be getting closer, this time I felt braver, but still scared, again I pulled back the covers I coukd feel everything as though it was real and solid. I stood up to get again feel someone's hand push me, as I fell to the bed, I twisted and saw my body asleep on the bed as I fell into it. I woke up, yet again startled thinking WTF is going on? I stood up and stormed out if my bedroom ready for battle lol, but there was no sound at this point. Before this time I had never paid much attention to claims of out of body experiences but I got straight onto google to find out what this was. After investigating downstairs and saying prayers to cleanse the house. There was so many experiences like this online it shook me a little. But the entire experience felt so real. I have had lucid dreams before but this was something else. Was like ground hog day. I have since then had one other outer body experience that was a beautiful experience but needless to say I laid off the meditation for 3 months after my first episode. I believe the soul is has real as the physical body and I believe consciousness after death is real. Consciousness is your soul, not your brain

  12. I hope that when we die we get recantation so we can see what to live other lives are like so like I could live a rich persons life a poor persons life a famous life

  13. Yah it's sad, think every one at night sleeps, and wake up next day, some times we have dreams in the middle of sleeping, some times NOT. when we don't have dreams or we don't remember next day, feels like we sleep for 2 ou 3 minutes, and this 2 or 3 minutes actually you don't feel nothing you even don't think that you exist, it's will be like that after you die . This "sensation" will be forever, is that what I think. Yh it's sad unfair, but no one have unswers for this.

  14. Imagine your time comes, you are old and weak, lying on the hospital bed, thoughts passing through your head, a sense of excitement rushes through your body, your palms are sweating, what is there? Am I really about to die? Your heart starts pumping so har that you can feel it in your chest, your brain is slowing down , you dont have time to think! You think oh my god this is it… your brain stops and you are not thinking, you start to understand things fully through vision, you are trying to breathe, as if your body is taking last breathe, you start to fade… you feel like you are flying…. slowly you ascend from your body and you are magnetised by the skies…… you go through the roof and you are carried all the way… you dont have power over you… when finally a bright light comes to you with the stairs, as if it is stairway to heaven, and at the door you see your father, your mother waving at you with a such smile you just couldnt see before, you are silent, you come towards your family, your loved ones, the ones who made you be gifted a life on earth, you glance at them as if you dont want them to dissappear ever again, mothers han reaches to you and tells you, you are home son, come with us… you take your mothers hand as you look at the rest of your family and you wish to cry out of happiness, but not earthlike happiness but divine happiness….. you are heading towards the end of the tunnel and finally you enter this area of pure light shining all around you, as if you were the light oneself. You get this feeling of security and freedom and you feel cleansed from all the earthlike things and you become one with the light, you are safe my brothers and sisters, you will get a chance to hangout with your loved ones, yes you will get a chance to build a wodden house with your father near the river with pure divinity all around the world you are in, it is perfect, it is safe. The key is hidden in earthlife forgiveness. Trust me on this one. Forgive everyone and you will be elevated. And rememer, it is so simple, yo are safe, everyone is safe, just believe and live. ♡♡♡♡

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