Lawn Care & Landscaping : How to Restring a Ryobi Weed Eater

To restring a Ryobi weed eater, measure out the proper length of line before wrapping it tautly around the spool. Find out how to properly restring a weed eater …


  1. have the exact same trimmer head and it sucks. should be able to just feed the line from sides and turn the useless orange knob but it doesn't work.

  2. THANKS! What great help. I couldn't figure out how to get the spool back into the base without cord going everywhere. I also didn't know if the tabs on the bottom had to hold the cord.

    Your video showed me to hold the two cords together while threading. I'd have gotten there but watched video! Why wait!

  3. ryobi 24v trimmer w lithium was a bad purchase for me, battery is shot
    in less than a hundred charges [about 75, no lying] and the string keeps
    letting out by itself [no bumping the ground] requiring opening bottom
    and adjusting length every 60 secs. new batteries are $150, yes a
    lithium is 150 and there is no regular replacement

  4. I have trimmer exactly like the one you have in the video and I found an easier way to restring the line.
    Do NOT take the head apart. Align the line across the button with the arrows on the sides, then feed the line through the eyeleet hole, all the way through the head, and pull half the length of the line through the head. Then, turn the button to wind the string into the head. I believe that's how it is designed to work.
    This is MUCH easier than taking the head apart. Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards.

  5. I thought the assembly of the spindle into the head was a bit messy in this video. The line appeared to be way too lose, overlapping and encroaching into the opposite section of the spindle. Ryobi now offers a head that you just cut your line to about arms length, feed it through both holes in the head (leaving all the excess hanging out). Then, you just screw the cap back on and proceed to manually turning the head clockwise as you wind the line onto the head. I just did mine today for the 1st time. It was as simple simple could be.. I also realize this is an older video but if I was watching with true intent to use it as my guide for an older trimmer I have, I would have needed to know if it makes a difference which line's end (from the bottom or top of spindle) goes in which hole, or if it made a difference. I would also like to know how tight you should screw the cap back on. with my experience, after winding the line onto the spool and applying it back to the head housing, everything unwinds and the bottom row overlaps with the top row, making everything a tangled mess. Not the case with the newer spindles on some Brands. I only know that Ryobi does a fantastic job Thank you for posting this video.

  6. I am sorry to say this, but this video is all wrong.  PLEASE, follow the instructions that came with the weed eater in the manual.  This is not the correct way to load a line in a Ryobi, and this will cause the line not to bump out.

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