Lady Gaga Says She's Addicted to Marijuana

Lady Gaga said she was addicted to marijuana in an interview with Elvis Duran on the Z100 Morning Show on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013, and that she decided to …


  1. I thought weed was safe until I stopped. Life is much better without drugs. Kids are fooling themselves thinking weed is a cure for everything. It's going to cause this country much damage in the future.

  2. GA ga you stupid women… you cant get addicted to Mj so dont plant seeds in peoples head are you really that dump 😂 being stoned ia fun its as simple as that …its Not For Everyone and if you have Anxiety or Depression as you do GA GA stay NOT recommended..i dont know if you meant to ga ga but you come across as a women that likes to have a whinge about your self so people will pitty you …how sad that is try a ttheropist and antidepressant sounds like what you need love

  3. If you can become addicted to gambling you can definitely become addicted to weed. Check out my playlist of 120+ people telling their personal stories on the subject of weed dependence/addiction. Don't belittle other peoples problems just because you yourself aren't experiencing it. The playlist: @t​

  4. I know this is old news but I want to be clear about something – NO ONE can say they are "addicted" to cannabis, actual addiction ruins lives and you cant just quit an addiction, folks who are heavily addicted to say alcohol will literally DIE if they just up and stop cold turkey in some cases, that is physical addiction (which means withdrawal symptoms at least, for quitting). Cannabis is HABITUATING, this is not the same as physical addiction (which is not possible because of the lack of endocannabinoid receptorsites in the mesocorticolimbic pathway/medulla oblongata). If you are some one who overdrew your bank, or sold stuff you needed for weed you ARE in the minority, this is a reflection of YOU and your poor decision making, you don't need weed to scapegoat for this type of personality – people who scapegoat weed for their bad decision making also probably scapegoat people and loved ones too, I know it's sort of a longshot saying that but not really, it's a longshot saying your "addicted" to a plant that is has its reputation KNOWN for not being deadly or physically addicting, just saying.

  5. That a girl….I was addicted for 30 years and it was SOOOOO hard to get off it, it took years to get past the withdrawal, so glad she's being honest with her fans allot of who are kids

  6. Having a focused driven, clear, motivated mind: what a difference. Hey, maybe Nemery Thentel's website can also help you quit within a week, without having to worry about having a panic attack in the process. Just google it and read the first few entries to see if it would be something that could make sense to you too.

  7. I gave up weed after 20 years of smoking everyday, I also gave up cigarettes and alcohol, though I still drink a beer now and then, I thought it was going to be hard for me, but all it ended up being was a choice.

  8. She said she is an “ Aryan Woman” IE she thinks she has the DNA of the fallen angels. Well all humans do. That’s what makes us Rebellious to the Lord Jesus/ the only begotten Son of God the mystery of righteousness , the mystery of Iniquity fights it , like Cain and Abel. Cain was the son of Lucifer and he Killed Righteous Abel . Jesus will fix our DNA when He returns. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ who will free us from all Iniquity and give us perfect 👌 eternal bodies for all eternity,

  9. anything in the world can be addicting to the matching personality. I've had friends get addicted to fast-food but never had issues with drugs. I've had friends get addicted to certain types of drugs that is considered non addicting like nasal spray decongestant.

  10. Saying your addicted to weed is laughable to me. I have an addictive personality and have been addicted to few different things but weed was one thing I never felt even a slight mental or physical addiction too. If you think your addicted to weed then you must have some of the least self control in the world.

  11. 10% of all people who try smoking weed will get addicted to it because of the synaptic connections they have in their brain that they were born with (genetics). I stopped smoking weed 39 days ago and it is very difficult for me. I crave it all the time. It is very difficult to know that you could be feeling 100000x better than you are right now, but you can’t get high. Weed unlocked a new way to look at the world for me. Weed is 100% physically and mentally addictive, a lot of people are simply in denial because they want to use without having any problems.

  12. wow, so after blazing for 15+ years, 5 times a day,,, when i now go 2 days without smoking, I get debilitating migraines and muscle spasms. But I know I will kick this addiction. blessings

  13. If you have an addictive personality like myself and cannabis works for you its the absolute safest route for you. I've currently been addicted to opiods for over two years, used to be addicted to stimulants, and benzodiazepines. Before all that i smoked cannabis everything for three years and I wish on everything i would of just stuck with that. Sure, at the core addiction is addiction. But to an extend there is a difference that comes from cannabis addiction to various of other drugs. Its truly unique

  14. Hey guys just wanted to say that quitting is possible. I've been abstaining for almost 9 months and as a daily user it was only kinda hard to give up. Ask God to give you a right perspective on the issue and turn it over to Him.

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