1. I'm cryin' "shame", nigga main line wanna fuck with Luca Brasi
    Every time we around each other I can feel her eyes watching
    My Roley game time give a Colorado rocky
    Met a freak from Denver called her freaky Colorado
    Pussy ooh, juicier than sushi with no avocado
    And I don't do insecure and he don't want her for the motto
    What it do, Bailey's Irish Cream, drinking out the bottle
    She get loose, like drinking chocolate martini moscatto
    Pouring juice, lick it off her nipples in love what I got her
    Told her crew, freaky things we do, now they wanna holla
    Confused, but what's it to you? On twitter they follow
    Stuck my tongue all in her ass this nigga go in like all the way in you already

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