John Boehner on federal marijuana laws

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy on the potential shift of federal laws on marijuana, where the …


  1. In America, this may be the one thing citizens are untied in spite of your “beliefs”: legalize weed. Stop throwing harmless people in jail, taking their money and ripping them away from their families.

  2. 33 states have realized that marijuana does not … I repeat… Does not … make Mexicans crazy. While the other 17 States still perpetuate William Randolph Hearst most discriminatory War ever.

  3. Marijuana is not a million dollar or billion dollar industry, its a TRILLION dollar industry that would create hundreds of thousands of jobs across all sectors and industries. So how is this not the #1 topic among politicians when its exactly what this country needs right now, Jobs and Tax revenue to get us out of this soaring debt thanks to trumps "Tax Cuts".

  4. All these old people dont know the weed today is alot stronger lmao but about time Republicans arent being pussies and finally for the full legalization of marijuana. Just federally decriminalize it

  5. Big Pharma is the problem , and has been for the last forty years ….. Big Pharma kills thousands of people a year …. more than terrorism …… It's just that they are rich , powerful , and they bought these guys off a long time ago , they bought em all off ….. maybe people's integrity will prevail , and the world will be better off

  6. I believe sugar is a lot more worst than many monster drinkers died over the years…millions of diabetics a year..have you seen the kids at the bus stop…porkers..I don’t smoke it..but the medical value is worthy.

  7. It is so bad in Canada that those so called health care workers that use this “medicine” are working together with street pushers to help them go after ther “target”.

  8. He'll Fox News is probably got stock in the marijuana industry since they don't like letting nobody tell the truth so they get high and start firing people for telling the truth

  9. "When the American people are for something, their members of Congress listen"….
    then explain the voting records of the 12 Senate republicans that voted to ATTEMPT to block funding to the border wall. Particularly Lisa Murkowski.

  10. I will never believe that weed is harmless. I saw my tenant going from smart guy with job who started smoking weed turning into the dumbest guy without job. I had to terminate the rent agreement for non-payment

  11. Marijuana and opioid it is so illegal that it is messed up for youngest children ever is cooling for adults that anyone smoking right near Ovid now let me explain if you see something someone is smoking outside something weird it is not the same way so that means they are smoking illegal and the rest of the people well if they don't care their own life the life is messed up already because marijuana and opioid had to be so illegal right there because how much damage does so far in the past to the present and to the Future Vine now that I need to stop this right now because I don't know what the heck is going on I mean everything that whoever smokes or break the law illegally in need to be illegal because they need to stop smoking you know you don't know that you might well be that the next person I don't like it really I don't like it at all this is not the future why look like messed up their life and everyone else they need to fix this you know they need to really really fix this

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