1. Much of this interview was what he'd already said in his book–which was totally awesome (thanks for writing it, Jermaine!) but I still enjoyed this! 🙂 Oh and I appreciate his water company's humanitarian work! 🙂

  2. Im lost where was your antennas for flint Michigan crisis let me guess over in the pond tryna get clay to patch up your raggedy ass skin jealous ass nigga you always wanted the spot light but you'll never be shit like your baby bro Michael the mf king you still tryna make a comeback sit the fuck down looking like a robot chicken character

  3. I HATE When People Talk and Dont know the Facts About Joe Jackson..That HE Abused His Kids and THIS And THAT.. Its A Difference Between BEATINGS AND DISCIPLINE And Joe Jackson Discipline His Kids.. YOU Have 10 Kids in 1 Household Somebody Gonna Get in Trouble and Get Their Ass Whipped….RIP Joe, Maybe IF I had a Father Like Joe Jackson I Would be Better off than What I'am NOW..Love The Jackson 5 AND The Entire Jackson Family.. Love You too Snoop !!

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