1. When you smoke it you get a very small amount of the drug. People who smoke this you need to realise what the dangerous element of this is, your smoking fillers and binds and this isn't good!!! Swallow or snort it if your going to do it. Oral 100% bioavailability Insuffiliate 65-76% bioavailabilty Smoking 10-20% bioavailabilty

  2. I have a secret. Go to thailand, visit a doctor there, tell them to write a prescription for you worth 1 year. come back home, no body can do anything to you, you have a doctors prescription.

  3. Surely they could just eat 20 rather than smoke 40 lol , I'm I live in Europe where key isn't a big ting at all , is it roxicodone that people smoke or ER oxycodone or either ??????

  4. When he said 40$ a pill I was in shock Jesus, I'm a pill junkie my self and I spent 1 dollar per mg, and I'm only getting 15s shits exensive working at McDonald's for 9$ an hour 😂

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