HOW TO PASS A DRUG TEST (Without Quitting)

Need to pass a drug test soon? Well first stop using! but if you dont want to stop then do these things. And also subscribe! The Homies’ Channel …


  1. They got me drug testing for getting caught smoking a blunt in a park & caught me with a .7, put me on cuffs & in a cell, I ain’t call the people to get drug tested 😂, I’ll forever smoke weed ‼️

  2. Bro I got a job that does random drug tests 🤔 anyone got any tips ? I ain't tryna never smoke again. Once in a while would be fine. But just lmk if you got any tips for that

  3. If your skinny like me, just give yourself about 5 days to a week, drink ALOT of water and piss like 10 times a day.. repeatedly up until the minute you go to p/o or job screen

  4. I have a drug test tomorrow for a job. Gonna use the certo method! Hopefully I pass!! I would use someone elses clean urine but im worried about keeping it at the body temp, seems tricky.

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