How to Pass a Drug Test or Urine test for a Job -Marihuana Marijuana THC

How to pass a THC Marijuana drug test for a job. Test yourself at home first. Follow the link to get a reliable at home THC urine test.


  1. @3:20. Don’t confuse people. DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Your goal is to flush your system and clean as much toxins out of your body as possible before your test. Most people have 48 hours before their test, these are the people who need to aim for a gallon a day.

  2. so i was a really heavy user for the past 2-3 years if not longer probably around 5 years using daily, i honestly cant even remember the last time i didnt smoke weed every day, used to wake and bake regularily before work and smoke on lunch breaks and when i got home from work, my tolerance was so high i barely even felt high almost just felt normal when i would smoke. my average use was around 14 grams every 2 weeks up until 2 weeks ago. suspected a random drug test at work so i quit cold turkey, made it an entire week without smoking then took a single bong hoot over the weekend and took another hit on monday of this week then went cold turkey again until today which is Friday. still havent got the test at work but just piss tested myself and i am negative… it was a faint line but that is still a negative result. this shit honestly just blew my fucking mind, like straight up i have absolutely no clue how that is even possible.. i didnt work out, drink a shit load of water, take any cleansers or do anything. literally all i did was just stop smoking. so either i must have absolutely no fat whatsoever in my body or my metabolism must be insanely fucking high. granted i did cut back an insane amount compared to my previous daily use of around 1g a day and only smoked twice in the last 2 weeks but still, i smoked not 5 days ago and i just pissed clean. i have no answers, luck of my genetics maybe?

  3. For piss test drop a 1/4 (quarter) piece of denture cleaner for mouth swab rinse your mouth with listerine every 5 minute for an hour both work, these two methods have not failed me but if you are above 250lbs thc will be more concentrated due to fat body ratio

  4. I smoked on 4/20 and took at least 3 hits in one setting (it was a blunt. I don't smoke often. I also walked a marathon last Saturday.) I took a pee test today… will I pass?

  5. Detox products do work. If you follow the directions they have worked for many people. This is all accurate info besides the comment that detox products do not work. I've used them myself as well as family members. They don't always work. They have worked.

  6. scumbag drunks and opiate addicts who run our country, made the common drug test extremely biased against only marijuana, so the real addicts can drink all they want and still pass the drug test, this is just pathetic that our country favors alcoholics and hard drug users over marijuana users, also to add to the bullshit, somehow driving on marijuana is considered and punishable as a worse crime than driving drunk on alcohol?? how can people possibly believe these blatant lies they push on the public??  Driving drunk on alcohol is over thousand times more dangerous than driving on any amount of marijuana, alcohol causes you to lose your balance which is what causes serious accidents, marijuana does not cause anyone to lose their balance and if anything you would drive more cautious than you do normally. It is a disgusting gross abuse of power to punish someone who used marijuana while driving worse than someone who was driving drunk on alcohol, these impairments are not even comparable, yet in our country one would have to plead down, lie, and admit they were driving on alcohol when they never drank any alcohol because in the eye/lie of the law, driving on marijuana is higher/worse charge. everyone needs to stand up for what is right and have these draconian laws changed to the level of intelligence we are actually living in.

  7. US Drug testing is completely rigged against cannabis it takes over 3 months to get a little weed out of your system while HARD DRUGS like cocaine or heroin only take 3 days….why would the us rather have drug addict employees than someone who uses cannabis? This is totally wrong I cant even believe they got away with this!!! not to mention alcohol, you could get as drunk as you want and you will be clean in 24 hours! The US employment drug tests are a huge scam and favor scumbag drunks and drug addicts over normal people who use cannabis!!!

  8. And what about the drug sets you do at home? Shouldn't be easier to pass it?
    I use to smoke a lot of weed like a 1G every 2 days (2 joint a day with cigarette tabaco) and I stopped for 3 weeks and did a lot of sport and eat everyday a steak (I lost 8kg) And the test came out negative ✌️ then the day my father traveled and the day after I smoked 1 joint or less the first day and the second then I stopped! Unfortunately 1 week after I smoked with my dokha pipe (I feel really bad about it) and there is only 2 week left for me before my father comes back (15 days) and I can't do sports anymore! Tip for passing the home test?

  9. It won't be long before there are invasive tests to know the tightness of our assholes. This is an invasion of privacy and should be illegal everywhere except north korea and isis camps.

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