1. Help spread the word about the documentary Overpriced, its in my channel over an hour long full length documentary I uploaded dec 2016! Canada legalized limited business, cannabis activism supported that so now we need cannabis activism to support one of the most important documentaries to get support that mentions ending prohibition, Overpriced exposed the carbon tax as a scam and a lot more I filmed everything, I couldn't afford to do interviews and have Rick in the documentary, although the final release could if there was enough public support. I still stick with Rick's method to making the oil I use 99% Isopropyl alcohol and I've made AMAZING oil which has double the potency and a little less taste compared to legal oils that are sold, and HALF THE PRICE. I don't trust a lot of other methods to making cannabis oil, rosin oil doesn't seem as medicinal and you get less. A lot of people are pushing for other methods to make the oil, many are promoting to just add coconut oil and recent science has shown coconut oil isn't as healthy as promoted by the new age media.

  2. Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can cure the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't know the cure is in those trees… not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved… It's a miracle beyond belief…Now you know just where to find relief…..avoid the grief, a lot of you know more than me……So, stand up. Your'e the key.

  3. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE. I friend in America used this, he has severe long term chronic pain in his spine and fibromyalgia. However, he said that he got no pain relief even after 3 weeks and even on the minimum does he felt awful 'foggy brain' so much so that he can't leave the house, drive or talk to anyone. He said he felt unpleasant mental fogginess and if he took it late at night the mental confusion made it hard to sleep, it was very unpleasant. Is this common. He REALLY needs some pain relief, but after 3 weeks, he got none and the mental confusion did not get any better. THANK YOU anyone for HELP.

  4. Is this process any better than just cooking bud in coconut oil in a slowcooker over a long period of time? That's the method i use and u get some nice green coconut oil afterwards that gets you nice and stoned so why should i use naptha or a "solvent" that i need to boil off cause I don't want to be ingesting it?? I know vegetable glycerin will absorb the thc as well so why use those solvents over natural coconut oil or vegetable glycerin?

  5. I don't understand why you have posted this video and then added a message at the beginning of the video saying "we do not approve of this method". Please help me understand what you're trying to say here if you would

  6. OK, here's my question: If making your own oil is discouraged, and if Rick Simpson does not sell the oil, cannot provide an outlet from whom to purchase the oil, then WHERE THE HELL IS A PATIENT SUPPOSED TO GET THIS OIL AND BE ASSURED THEY ARE RECEIVING THE CORRECT PRODUCT??
    Otherwise, all of this is bullshit?!

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