1.  I Live right outside Michagan and looking to relocate depending on the facts.
    I live in Chronic day to day pain. Fractured face, leg and jaw. Level 3 head trauma.I am a believer in medical marijuana as medicine to treat my deep pain and trouble sleeping. I wanted to get the best resource information. Were is the cheapest state for getting my M.M. Card without cash hassle and which location is best [vender wise] that is not a rip off ? I have been on pain prescription drugs for many years with many concerns with the side effects. Thanks for ANY HELPFUL INSIGHT ! rich7hayes @ live.com Can anyone in Michigan help ?

  2. Would a psychiatrist be fine? I have sleeping issues, post traumatic stress disorder, clinical anxiety, clinical depression, among other issues. My psychiatrist perscribed a tranquilizer (which, I was worried about).

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