1. Champix 1mg has helped me stop smoking. Its now one week since I inhaled that cigarette. I just feel like I'm born again, I'm now fresh and active like a baby. Can someone please congratulate me?

  2. i have to add a comment, i am no doctor in any way, but the way you talk about breathing is wrong….
    you can't take more air into you lung that you exhaling, so the most important thing is to completely empty you lung first and then you can inhale a lot more air, there are different way to do this, I don't know if there are any videos on youtube.
    One other good thing is to get a "breath training device" but don't start with that if your lungs are in very bad shape.
    btw been a smoker from i was (12-32). and a on/off smoker up to now (50)

  3. I decide to stop smoking forever… finallyy (:
    I will start it this year after a few days I set my day
    and I'm happy to leave it. It will be hard… I know
    but here I am 😀 wish me luck 🙂 It's worth ittt.

  4. The only way you know if lungs are pink, black or otherwise, is a photo of the lungs and both smoking or non-smoking persons would have to BOTH be dead for you to get the photo! LOL

  5. Quit smoking cold turkey after 20 years of smoking pack a day of Newport s I’ve been clean for 3 years now n I can’t stand da way people smell after they smoke I hope I never smoke again

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