1. I still don't understand the distinction between seeds and grains. Wheat kernels are the seeds that you plant to grow wheat and corn kernels are the seeds of the corn plant. Nuts are the seeds you plant, to grow a nut tree. I LOVE your show and since I don't have TV, now, I'm so glad to find episodes here. Can someone further distinguish what makes the "seed" of one plant a "grain" and the "seed" of another plant not a grain? It feels arbitrary and semantical and I'd like to understand. That being said, I'm picking up quinoa, the next time I'm in the store;) Thank-you again, for all you do. The episodes about B12, Fish Oil and vitamin D years ago, really set me on the trail of neuro-nutrition. May have saved my life, Doug. I love to share these on Facebook. If it can help even one more person…:)¬†

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