1. About 5 years ago, I began to fall under a really depressive episode. At first I thought it was just because I had a negative break from a relationship but the feelings would not go away even after I got a new girlfriend. Happy I never overlooked on following the steps that this depression therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) is advocating. The outcomes were simply amazing..

  2. okay so i’m trying to stay stress free and avoiding doing school work but somehow it makes me feel even more stressed out and so i’m gonna be stressed either way because i have really bad living conditions and now i’m super stressed about my stress and i feel hopeless

  3. Too much social interaction and isolated feeling made me stressful
    My Amygdala & Hippocampus have overloaded.
    Yet, We live with them
    whether being aware of it or not

  4. Thanks so much for this video! I'm struggling with stress related depression for a year now, I have experienced all the symptoms mentioned, but I didn't know the physical explanation for them. I take medication for now and I started exercising, wich helps a lot. But I will definitely go to meditation class as soon as possible!

  5. ok, so we all have been victim of stress. Now, stop playing the victim and feeling sorry for yourself. Act on it to counteract it. Improve and make yourself better.

  6. I've just lost a dear friend though having to much stress its not worth it I know everybody gets it but try and not take to much on it all tolls on your body in the end

  7. I’m scared D: I don’t want Alzheimer’s, I have had every single effect this talked about and now I’m even more stressed I’m gonna get depression which I can already feel coming and Alzheimer’s

    I’m pretty sure you guys know already what caused this…

  8. Was somewhat familiar with cortisol and how it correlates with stress, but this short video explains this neurological mechanism clearly, in a way that almost anyone can quickly understand. Thanks for posting.


    I know this is an old video but, I noticed in grade 5 stress took over me. I also noticed that I was getting dumber and more emotional, people in my class even said I’ve been acting weird lately. I also started cutting myself. In grade 6 I noticed that I’ve been saying random stuff at random times, making sudden moves like almost throwing things or banging on objects multiple times, my mood will change at random Times. For example, sometimes I would be having fun, but after a little while I would be sad and just want to be alone. I cry at night thinking about things that happened in my life, And also it is very hard for me to let go of things. I think about things from like a few years ago and still cry about it today. Sometimes I would get so stressed that I overheat, feel pain, feel sick, or even sometimes feel kinda like I'm gonna pass out. I don't know if I have a condition or if it's just normal, please someone who know please tell what's wrong and what to do. Thank you for reading this.

  10. When learning that the stress you experience can actually cause a physical symptoms it can be frightening. But stress is part of life and it is important to know that there are ways to help your body cope with stress. We investigated new science surrounding this topic so check out the trailer on our channel for “Stressed” which will be streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play on Jan. 2nd, 2019.

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