High & Hungry (El Comalero Salvadoreño)

About 13 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, there’s a pupuseria that keeps their meals and hospitality authentic. It’s like stepping into another country when …


  1. Son the fucking show is dope! Can’t front I watched all your shows Ezone they fire bro!
    I’m Honduran bro from New York. Life and reality is crazy fucking different. Need some segments out over here bro I definitely got you Central American cuisine only the best bro, while watching live soccer!
    Lit bro wish I was you when I grow up lol
    IG @j_chele0411

  2. Sheiky doesn't look sold!!🙏 What's his favorite spot next!!❤ E-zone sounds good!👍More bong rips!!💚💣💥💨💨💨💨💨"No Coughing "😂🤣 Plantano's actually taste close to papa's. 👍❤

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