Healing Herbs from Jamaica with Dr. Al Sears and Maroon Healer Ivey Harris

Dr. Al Sears Interview with Maroon Healer, Ivey Harris. For more about Dr. Sears and the confidential cures he reveals, please go to: …


  1. Why are we Jamaicans so dumb, i agree with the rest who said stop giving these people information, don't you see they want to destroy our people, see chinny man taking over Jamaica , they soon come confiscate all our herbs and use it for their purpose and kill we out. You jamaicans stop give them information they don't like us. Jamaicans are the most hated throughout the world , because we don't bow.

  2. Why we people love chat so much to these culprits coming to take indigenous people creations we chat too much not everyone with a camera you must chat to .very soon you hear him own the patent.when will we learn to document our own story.save and buy a camera get your children to record you

  3. What i really notice with our black ppl at times .. some prefer give these information to the westetners. If you black brothers and sisters was askimg for this information they wouldn't give u.. they rather keep it, but the white ppl they give it up free will..smh

  4. Madam this is not good to tell this man all your business , need to charge that thief. He will take this information and make millions as they have done in the past. I know your intelligent and I also know he will never be able to be you. In God I trust all other Ground is sinking sand I dare not trust the sweetest smile but trust in the God that created you. May God bless you to continue. Where can I reach you at?

  5. with that being the case everybody's an enamy white and black. all you gotta do is walk around with a bag of money, can get you anything and anyone and anywhere….unless you run into someone with morals, which is rare to almost nonexistant.

  6. Why giving so much secret. These are powerfull héritage leafs. White man gonna come take them home, manufactured them in pills put it in a bottle and bring them back to sell you . With price that you can not aford to pay . And the gonna spread chimicle products to kill your plants. That what they do in Haiti, Africa. And we never learn.( we are to good and they're so mean with us )

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