1. Respect to you, and not trying to downplay the 30 years of incarceration that you endured. But it is unfair to say that Nobody has received a stiffer sentence. RickDelisi is still in jail serving out a 99 YEAR SENTENCE for Cannabis. #FreeDelisi

  2. Great job…Good for you..education is the reason it is not legal…Nixon and all the wealthy industries killed cannabis…If the Lord did not intend for us to use cannabis-then why was our body made especially for it.

  3. I would love to partner up with a few people and teach elders how to use and enjoy medical marijuana. From rolling joints/blunts, so bongs/pipes. Even edibles and oils. Which strains are best for what effects. Elderly should learn in group or own homes how to use it, quantity, and prices. They are the ones who would benefit greatly. I'd love to start a class like that. Im not greedy, work cheap, just wanna spread my knowledge of cannabis.

  4. where can i join, cannabis is not legal here either but all our councils have had to cut back so much the police it seems are turning a blind eye to one plant.
    i have tried 1 plant one year an automatic it gave me enough weed to last me 12 months,
    i prefer rocky myself because i add it to my devils chocolate cake.
    "Go on be a devil"

  5. Considering all the main stream drugs out there. As well as various pharmaceuticals; there a whole hell of alot worse things out there that can be toyed with. I think the government should direct their attention into the appropriate areas.

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