Durban Poison Strain Review: Classic Medical Cannabis Strains

We’re giving Durban Poison the review it deserves. A pure sativa strain originating from the South African port city of Durban, it has worldwide recognition for its …


  1. cool morningsΒ and cool evening times are the best times to smoke those red heads,with a veryΒ small amount of weakΒ cigarette tobacco of your choice to keep that spliff burningΒ longer wow smoked it like that for over 30 years,also great in a small pipe for a quick blast,and great on long motorcycle rides or car journeys keeps you awake and concentrated, so always best to be doing something when smoking dp I enjoy pinstriping and air brush art so I'm more intoΒ my art on dp,it definitely enhances and is great for people who are creative,thats the effect it has on me,and its legal in South Africa now.

  2. Smoking it now for the first time. & Your Right. I’m lit & up. I work in construction & can’t wait for high I’m going to have. ✌🏾

  3. What a life you live JJ. nice video. Im still waiting for New jersey to Legalize since we have a new Governor. Just a matter of time. I need to come out there and work for you JJ lol

  4. I like you started making more dedicated strain reviews. Get your point that its hard to give cannabis number rating, that said I still think you shuold do it. Got a thumbs up from me πŸ‘

  5. Stay Frosty……………πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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