Drugs: Cannabis country, heroin fix and India's addicts | Al Jazeera Selects

India’s Deadly Medicine The unchecked sale of prescription drugs in India is having a devastating impact on users. Pharmacies freely sell medical-grade drugs …


  1. Drug's destroying people iff you want to get high use only weed it's less harmful tobacco and alcohol better make marjuana legalised in india for people helth many contry marjuana is legal now

  2. The drugs in these poor countries work as a population control. There are just too many people in these poor countries like India, Bangladesh,,Pakistan.
    Also many African countries can't even feed their own population.

  3. If I could, I would give my own life, to finish the drugs problems of these me man and woman, I would do it, definitely, I would give up my own life to save others, but it’s not possible…maximum I can do, is help ex addicted people, here in Brasil, giving knowledge and some work to them…i intend to make my part, but I feel SO INSIGNIFICANT!!!!!!! It’s like be beaten by titan, but I still continue…still up…still standing! MARIJUANA IS THE KEY to fight real destructive addictive drugs, And still people don’t see it… it’s sad. Very very sad.

  4. This is a direct consequence of India being forced to ban cannabis and opium in 1985 by the US government. Before then, intravenous drug use was almost unheard of among the Indian population, but opium & cannabis were fairly widely used. Now alcohol & hard drugs are big problems in India.

  5. Drug is a world wide problem,India has lowest number of drug addicts despite high population, drug addiction is very less in India compared to rest of world, alcohol is a big problem in India.
    Al zazera is a terrorist funding channel they always say lie about India.
    Documentary is based on very few people and it is not true.

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  7. Just selling serious stuff at the chemist store. That's insane to think about!

    The people who help the addicted persons out are true hero's! Wow ! All the best to everyone of you. Drugs is absoluty an deamon in it's own kind. It destroys more you can possibly ever imaging.

  8. A lot of NGO's make so much money in name of giving free needles.there are no needle users in Hyderabad yet a big claims they have give thousands of needles.

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