COMING Spring 2016: Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Harvest

It’s time for Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Harvest: How to Increase Yield and Quality in Your Garden! Coming Spring 2016, with help from: Bolder Cannabis and …


  1. Wasting some nice plant material their Ed. Why not save it and give it somebody instead of just throw it down on the ground. A couple ounces of that and you can make a couple grams of nice oil or hash. Especially these top leaves from right Buzz lke these, they really make nicehash

  2. +Ricky S I see I'm not the only one who watched this video and saw the mistakes he's making.just goes to show that bad advice can be passed on by teaching the wrong techniques by anyone including Ed rosenthal

  3. Yes I know who he is.i have a subscription to high times,skunk and weedworld so I know who he what he can't make a mistake?he's omnipotent?you don't think he's touching that plant way too much?as a experienced grower I say he is.but that's just my opinion

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