1. Video dumb. Natives been killing there own by the masses since there been natives in America just how it was back then but we don’t look at the natives as killers and savages. We do the same today when I grew up in the 90 all my music and mtv bet video was talking about big pimpin spend the cheese to Many song to name talked about doing wrong to others but we dance to it now you can’t say anything down on woman or so on the times changed but the people that sang them song we idolized still

  2. Everyone pretends like native amaricans tribes back then were peaceful but um no they killed animals to extinction killed each other and ate each other some not all but a good number and they destroyed wildlife so yeah there's the other part of the story so your not assuming somthing because someone told you besides its not like these pepole saw that stuff the were just told guess what white pepole died to and black etc but to pretend its different cause white pepole did it is sad and Indians had open borders but no one cares I love all pepole but I'm tired of the bigots treating whites like shit and not listening to fact or logic and yes bigots and Nazis are ironically the pepole calling pepole that stop playing victim

  3. Fuck Columbus! I hope you’re suffering in hell! You killed many of my ancestors Mayan and many other indigenous people! Fuck you! Proud that we still exist! Mam people!

  4. 1:35 I have no say in this I'm not even American, but geez says the man that believes in Jesus, or well one can argue that's just a hat maybe he grabbed to cover the sun or something, but everyone in this video speaks English, and well I'm not an expert but I feel like it's a bit ironic, if they hate Columbus to some degree their very existence is out of the equation, moreover if they can't speak their native language anymore, now that just speaks volumes.. Hopefully all of them or most could still speak their "mother tongue." Unlike me, an Indonesian of Chinese descendant, I had to come to China to learn Chinese cause my mother tongue is no longer Chinese.

  5. Without Columbus, the America’s would’ve never been urbanized. It wouldn’t have been long before another European with greater technology reached American land. These natives would be dissing another man then. The history of the work is full of tragedy, war, colonialism, and immigration/emigration. These natives are playing the victims of a man who shaped history. White Europeans at the time also faced hardships, death, and loss. Take the inquisitions for example. Columbus has some balls to travel on the opposite side of the world during a time when people thought there was an eventual end to the earth and you fell off it. There was no preventing the colonialism of America. It was bound to happen considering the state of the natives there. (There wasn’t a strong society, army, or defense against the technologies of the Europeans). So how about we leave a 600 year old man alone. And focus on how improved society is today. 🙂

  6. Just call it america day and use it to celebrate ALL of the people that make up modern america. The Irish, the Anglos, the Koreans, the native people, the italians, the latinos, the blacks, the nigerians, the people in-between, and everyone else because if there is one country where all of the cultures of the world meet, its america and please dont take away our day off school. Go raibh míle maith agat, le gra ó Eire

  7. As far as history is concert, Columbus wasn't the one killing and taking land from the native. Those crimes were commited after settlers came to the New Land. The builders of the USA were one of the main figures to blame for the genocide of Native Americans.
    Also, are all the people from the video Native Americans because some of them look either mixed or complety different from their ancestors.

  8. Let's not forget regardless of race, white black Asian Indian have all been subjected to incredible evil from humans in general. Evil transcends race

  9. Oh, come on, this makes no sense. They react like this because they've been taught to hate Christopher Columbus their whole life, but what they hate is just a word, not a person. At least, I hope so, because in his life he didn't do more "evil" deeds and he was not worse than every other normal person of his time. He actually tried to support a non-violent approach to the natives. The fact that he is remembered as a monster is quite sad and unfair. He simply got there and, to be precise, he was not even the first European to do that, because it is generally thought that Vikings did that before. He doesn't deserve your hatred. He indirectly started something horrible, probably one of the darkest pages in our history, but he's not the one to blame. Worse people that came after him are the ones that you should hate. And if he did not do what he did, someone else would have done that a few years later. He is dead now, he lived hundreds of years ago, probably no one cares, but I still think his memory shouldn't be destroyed and disrespected like this, without real motives. I, too, don't see the point in celebrating a "Columbus day", but I don't understand this unconditional hate, as well.

  10. Native Americans are by far the strongest race of humans ever. You guys have been through so much and I respect you guys. The stupid Columbus group of dumbasses and other colonizers caused so much pain for no reason. I will forever fight for Native Americans as an African. I got you guys. ❤

  11. 1:30 How were the United States stolen? There were barely 50 million people living in the western hemisphere before Columbus came. How ignorant are you to claim a whole continent from Alaska to the Fireland as yours?

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