CBD Oil & Gummies Review Premium Jane! (2019)

Get 20% off on all CBD Products on with coupon code “TREY” CBD Oil & Gummies Review Premium Jane! (2019) This is my …


  1. Get 20% off on all CBD Products on https://www.premiumjane.com with coupon code "TREY" Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! For more Resources or Books on Defeating Anxiety, Click the Description Above! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe, hit that notification bell next to it for updates, like this video, hit up my social networks above in the description & Join the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/Lifeinrecovery for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attack Support!

  2. Hey Trey, glad you're covering CBD oils. I discovered them mid December following a nasty bout with anxiety before final exams. I actually bought some locally, on my way there I was super anxious the whole way, felt super uncomfortable and short of breath driving and normally I enjoy my drives. They gave me some free samples and after 15 minutes I felt like normal me, I was sold and bought some.

  3. Trey I use the 1000 mg oil now, I find smaller doses don’t help me. I’ve upped the dose and it does help and makes me sleep. I don’t think it cures anxiety. But it sure does help calm me down.

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