BEST & WORST FOUNDATIONS | Luxury & Drugstore

Today I’m dishing on all my Foundation faves and fails, let me know all of yours in the comments below. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …


  1. Thank you for the tip on the Morphe foundation. I am currently using Urban Decay Up All Night foundation. It seems like after 5-6 hours it starts to emphasize my pores in my t-zone area. Any recommendation as to what I should move to? I have mostly really dry skin that can go super oily in my t-zone area. Thank you. Love watching you!! You make me happy!!

  2. even the hourglass rep at sephora told me the formula on the vanish liquid was drying and she couldn’t figure out how to make it look good and on the website is doesn’t say no primer it says hydrate

  3. Thank you tati… i was going to ask you to make a best & worst foundations from the trending now foundations 😜 but first i thought to check your channel and here it is 😄😄

  4. Omg your whole look today is gorgeous. I tried a few “sephora recommended” foundations and they all make me look cakey. Not sure why I can’t find a foundation that looks like skin or creamy but I’m hoping you got the answer fingers crossed

  5. LOL!!!! Tati, you're hilarious! You are right. There are more serious things in the world than telling someone to commit suicide over a foundation review. I think those people have serious mental health issues. Good for you, for calling it what it is and not lashing back. I respect you more now 🙂

  6. Hey Tati! Just an idea…can you try a drugstore brand named Nude by Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation from Australia….it's a green product. I think you'll Love it too!!!

  7. Still never gonna use anything really apart from the custom powder I blend, but I love your content and don't care about using these things haha. Some I will try, but not often… I have most of my staples nailed. But I like to keep upto date and just enjoy your videos 👍🏻

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