Canadian bodybuilding sensation Antoine Vaillant joins Dave Palumbo for a tell-all interview about the harrowing tales of a once promising bodybuilding career …


  1. Always had anxiety issues, depression things of that nature. Currently on tren and all the anxiety ect has basically disappeared
    Mad respect for this interview most people wouldn’t talk about this stuff with their friends let alone all over the internet

  2. The best interwiew Dave have done! Antoine was the guy who motivated me to train hard and made me feel intrest for bodybuilding. I had same problems like Antoine(more or less) almost 3 years. The way he was talking about drugs shows how much he been struggling.I been clean in 6 months now and never thinking about doing drugs anymore. I Hope he dont fall again because its so simple to find yourself in same situation when Ever life gets hard or something happens in your life. Good luck at Toronto Pro My man!

  3. Life is one long lesson, only look back to remember where you came from and to gain positive reflection to continue moving forward. No regrets, only new goals! Best of luck!

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