1. I did a capstone project in my undergraduate studies on the "war on drugs" I watched this documentary and used it as a reference and let me tell you I learn ALOT from this. The "legalization" of weed is just another way to get the goverment to crack down on the minorities(black,latino,poor etc) there are exceptions on this. The history of drug laws are very racist and weed and crack is stereotypically a black man drug. The opioid "crisis" is now a crisis because white men and women are dying but this has been a issue in minority communities since the 80s.

  2. News flash dummy, heroin and cocaine also come from the earth. That idiot talking about Holland's drug policy was saying the "organic" drugs like marijuana, mushrooms, and hashish should be legal cause they come from the earth. Well guess what? So does heroin and cocaine. Heroin comes from the poppy plant and cocaine comes from the cocoa plant. So basically all drugs are "organic" and come from the earth, you idiot.

  3. It is all about liberty and responsible use of liberty or the police as a means of ending the consequences of self abuse of drugs. Illegal drugs is a profit center for organized crime. Learn from history or suffer by repeating the same mistakes.

  4. America needs a major over haul of laws and how things are done in this country. We have evolved as a society and the old racist out dated laws needs to catch up. Our education system is so far behind. No child left behind and common core are a joke just like the war on drugs is joke. Nixon and Reagan were criminals. Our country isn't the super power it use to be we are turning into a war zone ran by the government and the rich. For profit justice system built on keeping none whites and the poor broken. Public schools ran like prisons. Mental health system in the dark ages and a huge stigma that prevent people from seeking help or the care they needs. Homeless populations exploding due to the pharmaceutical drug epidemic. Veterns not getting the help they need. We have a long way to go to fix what the assholes in Washington have done.

  5. The war on drugs has been a way for the cabal of control to eat away at constitutional rights. And Cynthia McKinney is a hero and should still be a legislator in DC. But because she didn't sacrifice her honor on the alter of our lying media she was ousted.

  6. I think it’s a miseducated society! We have been forced feed all these lies about drugs! I’m an addicted and I honestly didn’t know the first 6 months of using OXY’S- THAT IT IS SYNTHETIC HERION!
    NO JOKE! I had no idea I was using HERION basically! If I would have known I may not have smoked that first pill!
    I was uneducated on the subject! We need more education on drugs! Stop acting like DRUGS don’t exist until y’all see your 12/13/14 year old kid getting loaded on your stash of shit!

    BIG D

  7. Americans are nuts when it comes to drug use enforcement, for a country that has done so much for the world I find it ironic how they treat their vulnerable citizens and the approach they take to law enforcement and non violent sentencing. I can't think of another member of the G8 that executes their own criminals other than the rare occasion Japan has done so.

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