AUTISM CBD RESULTS AUTISTIC BOY TWINS CBD OIL & GUMMIES REVIEW Playing Better! * * * Hey EllisFamLifers, and welcome to another episode!


  1. We just started our 25 year old son with autism on CBD oil. We have seen some small positive changes and are excited for the future! I will pray for your beautiful boys to be able to speak. My son is verbal — I will say his communication was very slow. He knew single words and really didn't speak in sentences until he was about 9 years old. One thing I did at that time was give him DMG supplements as recommended by the Autism Research Institute. It was a small pill that came in a small foil packet that you just put under the tongue — dissolved quickly. I believe that and cod liver oil really helped him with language as far as supplements. My son is very visual. Another thing that helped was having a speech therapist that used sign language in their sessions. She suggested that we use the closed captioning feature on our TV so he could see the words as they were spoken. My son loves VCR tapes and he would rewind his favorite scenes from Thomas the Tank Engine over and over and over again. One of his teachers told us not to let him keep rewinding the tapes, that we were encouraging repetitive behavior, but the speech therapist adamantly disagreed, as she felt he was learning language that way, so we let him rewind as much as he wanted. Anyway, it was a JOYOUS day when he verbally told me he loved me for the first time. I hope you will also hear those words soon. I will keep you in my prayers. (I also believe prayer works.). But no matter if your sons speak or not, they are both adorable and you can see in the video they are happy and loved. Blessings!

  2. Hi,my daughter is 3 years and half and not speaking.Hyperbaric oxigen chamber helps her with chelation,speaking and cognitive process. We use hemp oil also.All together are helpful. Your children are wonderful. Only parents în the same situation fully understands. All the best wishes for you.🌷

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