1. I think. When I'm blue, I'll watch you. 🤣🤣🤣. Are you trying to live to be 500 years old or something? I've never heard of some of those supps. I thought I was the supplement collector/taker queen,🤷 thanks for making me realize I haven't arrived yet 💊😳🤣😚

  2. Brilliant, I don't know how you have room left for actual food haha, I just started having a teaspoon of Spirulina in the morning with a Collagen Capsule and 2 Sea Kelps for a Mega Boost of Collagen, some Iodine and ton's of other minerals and it is very high in Protein. The only other things I have is Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D3, B6 Niacin 500mg 2 or 3 times a week, I don't need 500mg everyday I don't think, Msm, Choline and Inositol Tablets, 1 a day, Zinc Picolinite and Sea Kelp 🙂

  3. I currently take rhodiola in the morning 2 capsules. And evening primrose oil 1 a day and a week before my period 3 a day til my period finishes. I love primrose oil I feel better joints don’t hurt as much and no pms or pain. I need a stronger rhodiola though lol

  4. Thanks so much I suffered chronic gastritis at the moment I'm takeing licorice root tea mastic gum capsules some glutamine powder mega b caps vitamin c tablets low acid one a week vitamin d caps 7000miligrames and my curcumin advanced capsules with cat claw and gingerols for my aurtritus my body's full of it but I don't suffer the terrible pain of it cause of the curcumin advanced. I was on some wild krill capsules but stopped because the gastritis really diddnt help .was doing blackseed oil caps but stopped them to gastritis hates oils 😔.id sooner rather heal from a herb than a doctor guessing what mite help antibiotics really hurt my gut because I suffers from perri anual abcesses. Iv finally started to heal and lose weight gone down from 98kgs to 91kgs .I love you utubes by the way.

  5. I love your videos! I’ve been taking MSM, vit D, C, B12, tumeric,, magnesium and white willow bark occasionally for pain. Can’t wait til Tuesday! (I told my husband not to call during your live😉)💖

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