1. Cannabis:
    -Stops cancer growth (cures most cancer – Google Rick Simpson)
    -Reduces neurological impairment
    -Relaxes muscles, antispasmodic
    -Prevents Migraines
    -Treats Glaucoma
    -Treats ADD, ADHD
    -Reduces IBS, Crohn's Disease
    -Cures Epilepsy
    -Prevents Alzheimer's
    -Treats PMS
    -Makes bio-degradable plastic
    -Makes paper (better than tree pulp)
    -Makes Fuel, solvents, lubricants
    -Makes Industrial Textiles
    -Makes Consumer Textiles
    -Makes Building materials
    -Could end deforestation
    -Could end dependence on oil, gas and coal
    -Can be grown almost anywhere


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  3. – increases paranoia when intoxicated
    – gives extreme nightmares when stopped smoking
    – changes personality without the control of it
    – makes you carefree, especially when it comes to responsibilities
    – can make u overreact
    – can make u overly sensitive
    – addicting
    – can cause depression and anxiety
    – when stopped smoking, the "stoned" feeling will continue for months and months because the thc still is in ur body, focus will be hard to accomplish, especially for a student..
    And the lists goes on these were one of the side effects I personally had. Yes it is a natural plant, but so are other drugs. If Anybody gonna use it please be careful and be aware that there are negative sides to it too.. im clean for almost half a year and i feel like a new man. This stuff is not as innocent as it seems trust me.

  4. That French lady is wrong that assassin doesn't derive from Hashishi: "1530s (in Anglo-Latin from mid-13c.), via French and Italian, from Arabic hashishiyyin "hashish-users," plural of hashishiyy, from the source of hashish (q.v.).

    A fanatical Ismaili Muslim sect of the mountains of Lebanon in the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the 'Old Man of the Mountains' (translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah), they had a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating themselves by eating hashish. The plural suffix -in was mistaken in Europe for part of the word (compare Bedouin). Middle English had the word as hassais (mid-14c.), from Old French hassasis, assasis, which is from the Arabic word." Source: https://www.etymonline.com/word/assassin.

    The documentary is OK, but I noticed a few errors (like the British man's claim that Kazakhstan borders the Indian subcontinent, it does not. He meant to say Afghanistan), and it is not a substitute for reading. I am sure that there are a number of good books on the history of cannabis, which go into much more fascinating detail on this subject.

  5. 33:20 says god put weed for a good reason and smoke then proceeds to say it helps meditate even tho god said to never meditate and he said to drink wine 🍷 but not to get drunk , nor did Columbus discover ameriKKKa , don’t believe all the bs you see just cause it looks “professional”.

  6. There are so much about Cannabis that help humanity toward prefection if we can control our degenerative and violent behaviour. We had been told so much unmiracles that make me think a weed can be a miracle easily!

  7. I meant it is insane out of the blue the fucking Church comes out creates prostitution together enough money to build the Vatican which it didn't work out the end up it legalizing marijuana to sell their wine so they can make money to build that Vatican again and it didn't pan out at the end they created a Crusade War which it means they went to steal everything they can from Jewish people and of course that happened after butchering two third of the population and actually became so rich that they could not only build Vatican they hide the rest of the gold diamond and whatever else that they stole in Islands which now it calls England and in a city which called London which Roman created to begun with and the evil King and Queens of England they became the bookkeepers for the Vatican start the biggest banking system that no one ever ever could imagine they own 80% of the globe not literally but financially 80% of the globe when they need to do banking and give loans I'm talking about I levels of certain families who started different banks in different cultures and governments and countries and most of the other countries they all go to them and they finance everyone and their financing it's very simple the promise them the heavens with one twist which they would find out later on which is pure and simple takeover what I mean by that is they set up the interest and their banking system in a way that you would never imagine which way they're coming in and what is the end of that contract this is how they coming they coming as a friend but the interest and the banking it is so Twisted that anybody who borrow that money they could never pay it off and they got to do more work and harm more people and kill more innocent cheat lie steal murder drug deal alcohol bootlegging money illegally don't forget the things that they're illegal it's not illegal because it's harming anyone it means only certain groups and families have the right to do there major selling of those items so only them can benefit are you still sitting down is your head popping yet I hope not but that's the truth and reality no Vampire Cannibal Queen of the England who's keep cloning herself I mean that's why she won't die it doesn't matter what body she chooses she can cloning herself for example this cannibal queen that you see and her family I know for a fact the queen herself has cloned herself over and over and over and over and over again and again and again this Vampire Cannibal child murderer and everyone else murderer is the same evil queen of the one before her until then they did not have the power to clone but since they did vampire blood sucking cannibal child murderer and rapist keep cloning herself and coming back over and over and over and over and over and not just only herself she has made a deal with certain people from that era that she doubt it and she created certain other line of Clone from the death of the past see all you need to clone anyone is to single cell of that person that's all you need so vampire blood sucking child rapist and murderer and everyone else along goes dig the people who were the most evilest of the evil from the beginning of the time extract yourself through the bone marrow and recreate the them evil right over again and cast it on society and the poor innocent people all these hi government people in power and Families they clone themselves in different body with different look but same person and same personality with the same knowledge of the past that means if you bring somebody from the beginning of their Arrow pheromones or Italy or Europe or Asia or Middle East and when this vampire ra clones them they remember everything from the time that they were born and then they get updated training and the history and what they're supposed to be doing because after all the cannibal child eating and rapist has been cloned they will be like inside the camp that they have no idea what's going on outside and they cannot get out and they're like prisoners and the only way they can maybe be able to breathe and come out will be by either fooling them or making them understand this is what you have to do in order for you to be alive and then they say a whole bunch of other things probably that if you don't follow the rules that we said for you we would bring another one of you and reborn you again and started all over again and erase either memory or add to it is that deep enough for you yet not past all this the vampire decided to have a cotton business so child cannibal decided to outlaw and illegals the hemp and marijuana and all the good that is offered which is nothing but good it would feed you it would close you it would protect you it would die for you it would make you happy person so forth and so on so the vampire again keep eating and murdering children so she can sell her cotton versus hamp product and Vatican can profit so it is true the root to the evil is what? The answer is money isn't that the case and if body can owns 80% of the globe financially who's the fucking evil here no wonder they got Lucifer room which means devil and chairs and decoration and things that going back housing and housing Housing bureau before not only in property in writing and documentaries and leaving notes for the next Vampire Cannibal eating Pope which rape the children kills the children and then eat the children to continue doing the same thing I'm follow the evil that they have created and pass it along in the name of God see the root of the true evil it's all religions because before any religion was created women was the center of everything they created her heaven for a reason that she could give birth and create of course man have to put his share to but again without the woman it would be a little harder for men to have child and vice a versa but they changed everything to homosexuality of men and demolishing everything else I guess when the mother comes on say why did you fuck my child in the ass the homosexual get a protect himself somehow so the world will not get out and the homosexual can still doing what he does and actually have people bring their children right to them and after raping them is brainwashing them and slaving them because now we have feelings between them not just the regular feeling you're talking about sexual and romantic feeling isn't that sick didn't God it's so destroyed whole bunch of the city because they were all homosexuals did anybody escape from those cities because now they're doing exactly what they did on those cities that God itself destroy in the name of religion all religions not just one all of them from beginning of the time to the end of the end and whatever going to follow the only thing that it counts is spiritual Inverness and spiritual understanding which there is a higher power and anyone who has to get to that stage has to be so pure and innocent and good so his inner energy can take in that energy inside of itself in the body we can create different Energies body is like at receptive if you create negative you would collect negative energy and if you create positive you would receive positive energy vice s versa which means you can transport and reflect those Energies to others another word the body is like a magnet if it's a negative magnet it's what you can create or positive magnets which you also can create will generate negative and positive I want to thank you for reading this but you have to let it sit down and let it digest inside your brain it is too deep and lot of people would not even get it even their born another hundred or thousand lifetime and at the last note remember religion is the root of all evils and basically wants three things from you your hard-earned money that you willing to sacrifice anything for it including yourself and your family to give to them for free and if you don't they will chase you out of their community and the religion centers number 2 is your son to go and fight whatever evil they want to pass on to others and number three is your daughter to reproduce for them and become their sacrificial and whatever you want to call it the evil that they are doing remember they used to sacrifice a Virgin Under the most important buildings another word they would create a scenario for Pure innocent person in this case a female to seek revenge on what has been done to her and on her murder that she would never ever leave that body and will protect that body and whatever is around that body and if anything comes to harm it she would go against it until somebody find out what happened to this woman and she can make others understand what evil was done to her so she can have the long to the next life and to the next recycling of life and with no evidence left and no stories left from anybody to read and know that's soul would be doomed for eternity trying to communicate with the living who cannot see her hear her or understand her and do not know nothing about her story and her going around trying to make the living understand took shape and happened to her which in most 99. 9% of the scenarios of the evil of this religions who did this have not left a document or story or even made anybody talk about it or understand what evil day. And nobody will know and then this so would never be free so another enemy of them anybody who comes to destroy that building first thing she going to do is attacking them that they don't even see with the energy and whatever it is that she has or whatever weapon she has and we are not dead yet and we do not know and if beaver from another lifetime coming to this lifetime going to run of the lifetime with are erased memory who can figure it out or understand food for your thought LONG LIVE I, HIGHER SPIRITUAL POWERS, LIFE

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