The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian

Backed by stunning illustrations, David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 …


  1. An explanation for every step having nothing to do with intelligent design or creationism but no explanation for the start of the universe, just to say it was dark and then…BANG!!! Well…who or what created the bang? You acquiesce that nothing comes from nothing accept the big bang. do suggest just…happened. Couldn't it be true that everything happened after the big bang the way you said exactly but that it's GOD that created it to be so that way and that he clapped his hands and….BANG? First and foremost?

  2. So no one is going to asked about the origin of the egg 🥚?!?

    Knowing that no physical entity is able to explain its own existence… I’d like to get some more information for missing timeline before the explosion 💥 you know 🤷🏾‍♂️…

  3. Are we so stupid to believe this…? And than suddenly the universe blew up from nothing in a fraction of the second, the guy look smart , however he lost me from the first fraction of the second, we can even get to the closest planet but we think we know everything

  4. Probably the best attempt to explain the theory of evolution I have heard. Unfortunately, the theory of evolution was made up by some of the original progressives in the late 1800s to get people to forsake religion and a belief in a God or Creator. Their fear was that mankind would destroy itself, and since they had concluded that there is no god, they logically thought that they had to control mankind in order to save mankind. Thus socialism, fascism, and communism were and are the attempts to control mankind to save mankind. So far, no one has discovered even one example of a species evolving to a completely different species. Plenty of proof that species can evolve into subspecies to adapt to different living environments, but not to any completely different species. Secondly, there are hundreds of thousands of "near-death experiences" where even atheists visit another world full of love and a lot of their ancestors, and where many actually meet God.

  5. Great video David Christian. The "seem to be" climate catastrophe of 2011 never happened though. We've been well within natural rates and absolute values of temperature for the last 10,000 years. Today we're in the middle of that range and paused for twenty years. We were paused when you made this great video. Our ice age did not end. Milankovitch Eccentricity will inevitably pull us back into the next glacial phase of our ongoing ice age. If the Obama administration had spent their $100 billion on the question "does CO2 drive the climate?" we would be a lot less climate paranoid. They didn't. They just assumed, without understanding that it did. And today our kids including your grandchildren are paying the price.

  6. This person is either on drugs or delusional. The same analogy he used means that if I won a lottery ticket I should continue to wind millions of them. The universe is created by God not by chance!

  7. Microsoft Windows Operating system does not come with an Encyclopedia for a reason. The governments of the world cannot agree on what the truth is concerning history. I fear the history that any government approves to be taught to future generations.

  8. I think we abused the communication part.
    50% if not more of internet are lies, leaders and presidents use their people, churches use a fictional character to suck money and parents passing their brain washed beliefs to their children.
    We failed as mammals.
    Its about time for other species to try.

  9. If science and rationality offered eternal life for its followers then it might be able to penetrate the minds of religious twits. That is what most religious twits are after, plus of course power and money and control.

  10. i have one question
    what was before the big bang and how big bang ball produced before millions of years ago . ?
    how big bang particles came together and how it’s produced ? how big big bang ball?

  11. "And then suddenly the universe appears, Its Tiny. Smaller than an atom. And we have crossed our first threshold." Mate are you on drugs? He goes from nothing to something. Incredible. What atom? where did it come from? etc etc. Your faith in this BS is incredible.

  12. Coincidentally, the surname of our presenter above, David Christian, was also that of the 1789 Mutineer of the HMS Bounty, Fletcher Christian, who began a long line of survivers on the Pacific island of Pitcairn, about which there are numerous You Tube videos about that saga which I've currently been watching.

  13. It is funny how he mentions the "getting by" the second law of thermodynamics, BUT, no mention of the first law of thermodynamics… I would pay money to see someone try and explain that one.

  14. 17,41 mins, actually, Tosh this is small beer, I can tell the history of thr universe in 9,37 mins, using only a ball of plasticine, Can i recommend to human being The History of the World written by Sir Walter Raleigh between 1603 and 1610; He was in the Tower of London at the time, P think it superb, As for TED,,,18 mins, maximum no discussion no questions, Who devised this anti intellectual charade, What lies behind this obscenity

  15. DNA is learning …. originally slow … created organisms with brains … that learn quicker until BAM !! Education came along and cumulative learning happened …. " collective learning" is the key . Amazing stuff . Hope all he says is true . the current seven billion collective brain is learning at 'warp' speed ! " Collective Learning " is a boon and a threat as we learn to produce deadly weapons that threaten our existence . This speaker actually believes that the future of Mankind is in our hands . Is it now ? I don't quite think so , we seem to be driven by dark forces towards destruction . His grandson Daniel may make his living manning Nuclear Cruise Drones carrying unthinkably devastating bombs that when they go BAM ! Life as we know it on Earth will be no more !

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