Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU

Can a person be “cured” of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think.


  1. I had insulin resistance for nearly 10 years. Last fall I started a keto diet along with intermittent fasting, and have lost over 30 lbs. I went from a size 14-16 jeans to a size 10 (working towards a size 8 although one of my friends thinks I’ve already lost enough weight now lol).

    Carbs and sugar are the enemies. Stay away from them and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll look and feel.

  2. It's not carbs toxicity, what cause insulin resistance, but intramyocellular lipids (fats inside muscle). Insulin job is to push carbs to muscle cells for energy, but because blockage what those fats are making sugars can't get in and so blood sugar levels rise. Eat diet rich of starches with vegetables and some fruits, not processed foods and animal foods what cause many more diseases too besides of diabetes type 2

  3. Bravo Dr. Hallberg! The first time I've heard of her work. I guided myself into a low carb diet 4 years ago after experiencing problems with my gut (food allergies: grains and some legumes), "idiopathic" distal neuropathy, lethargy and brain fog. I read books by Dr. Teri Wahls, Dr. David Perlmutter, and Dr. Steven Gundrey. as well as many medical research papers. Most recently I read The End of Alzheimers… (sometimes referred to as type 3 diabetes) by Dr. Dale Bredesen. To her credit, my Kaiser family medicine doctor agreed with my request to let me monitor my blood glucose with a blood test meter (she wrote a prescription for the meter). She was adamant though, that because my fasting glucose did not peg me as pre-diabetic that I didn't need to do anything about the insulin resistance that was giving me problems. After I went low-carb (less than 40 gm/day with 20gm/day being even better for neuropathy and less than 4 oz of meat per day) I was able to get my pre-prandial glucose to below 100 and my gut issues, brain fog, and neuropathy subsided and/or disappeared. I shed 25 lbs (never been way overweight). Upper-respiratory allergies, itchy eyes and nose that I had as long as I could remember also nearly disappeared (when I eliminated dairy they did disappear completely). I eat lots of fresh and lightly steams vegetables with every meal.
    I am stunned every time I think about mainstream medicine, Big Pharma, AMA, ADA and USDA covering up the truth to stuff their pockets with the blood money of human suffering. I't's just going to get worst and the inevitable day of reckoning will shake American mainstraem medicine to the core when the lies and denial come crashing down.

  4. 4 months of Keto and IF – dropped 52 lbs, size 40 jeans to 34, HAIC from 6.0+ to 5.1, BP 140+/90+ to 115/70 – at 57 feel better and in better shape than when I was 27! This is life changing stuff – wake up America (and the world!)

  5. Obesity is caused (most times) by poor choices in food and lack of exercise. Many people rely on bad food for comfort or just habit. Obesity is a self-inflicted disease that we can prevent or change by what we take in our bodies. Educate yourself on fruits and vegetables and meat. Etc. and what it does for your body. Get excited about good food. Healthy food is like medicine for your body. It helps things work how they're supposed to. I just started eating mostly fruits and vegetables, some meat, not much bread or sugar, and in 1 week i lost 11 lbs. The only exercise i get is at work with the walking i do (about an hour a day. No gym.) So food is the biggest thing you must change to make a difference. If you're busy and dont have much time to exercise, at least change what you're eating. I am not a doctor, but thats what makes me lose weight.

  6. I did my own research before watching this video and what I found correlates with what this doctor said. A few comments. There is a very good blood sugar A1C chart on google images. It is red, yellow and bright green. Print that out and keep it in your health records. You can go to WalkInLabs online and order an A1C test for $30. (My insurance company wanted to charge me $35.) Then you take the WalkInLabs order to your nearest testing center (mine is the hospital across the street) and you'll get an email with your A1C that afternoon. A1C should be charted by practically everyone who has $30. Put your results on that chart along with the date. As you test over the years, you may see your A1C increasing. Figure you will live for 80 years. Extrapolate as to whether you'll end up in the normal range, pre-pre diabetes range, pre-diabetes range or diabetes range. Then set your eating guidelines appropriately. If you are headed to these disaster zones, then slow way down on the carbs, in some cases, don't consume even whole grains. I try to limit myself to 5 carbs or less each time I eat.

    You can download your Ancestry results and upload them to Promethease and see what diabetes genes you have. I had a gene for a glycogen storage disease that most likely contributed to my diabetes. It's nice to know your risk factors.

  7. Iam type 2 diabetic for 18 years. I wanted to reverse my diabetes so Sept 2018, i started a low carb diet. I eat fats and aim to hit ketosis. Dec. 2018, during a family trip in Taiwan i was rushed to the hospital. My blood sugar was almost 500. I was confined in the ICU for 3 days because of Ketoacidosis and as soon as i went back home in Manila, i went straight to the hospital (again)And doctors say the low carb diet is NOT for diabetics like me.

  8. IDK, i've been diagnosed with prediabetes 2,3 months ago, i decreased carbs to no more than 250gr on my training days and up to 200gr on non training days.. today i checked my fasting glusose and it's the same as before.. i workout at the gym 4 times per week, and before i ate about 400 carbs on training days and about 300 on no training days

  9. except I followed the ADA guidelines, no meds, dropped to normal a1c, lost 70lbs an am doing great. Ill stick to what most doctors say rather than someone who wants to be a "thought leader" on hipster ted talks.

  10. Thank you Dr.Hallberg. Just recently I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and decided I was going to educate myself on how to handle this before it goes too far. I really appreciate the great information and your talk gave me encouragement.

  11. YES. Avoid GMOs, processed foods (as much as possible), and stay away from the 'traditional' diet chock-full of carbs like pastas, breads, and refined sugars. AVOID 'traditional' "foods" like vegetable oil (esp. corn, soy & canola) and their BY-PRODUCTS; THESE ARE FULL OF TOXIC TRANS-FATS [and more]. This 'program' means only that one must examine LABELS to avoid toxic ingredients (myriad in most 'foods' at the grocery stores). Why does ANYONE resist?

    Because it tastes good, &/or it is 'convenient'… These are great selling points that drive up great profits and not surprising that such factors prevail in the maintenance of unhealthy eating behaviors. However, such 'bad' foods make us SICK and are the major cause of 'dis-eases', feeding the big Med/ big Pharma corps. Is our health not more important? Qui Bono?
    Who benefits? Who PAYS?

  12. When I watch a talk given by an obesity doctor the first thing I look at when attempting to assess how credible they may be is to look at their waistline. Sarah Hallberg passes this test in my view.

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