Machine Gun Kelly- Breaking News (Official Video)

OFFICIAL Lyrics below: Breaking News: (Intro talking – Interview Sound Clip of Diddy) No mercy has begun Ladies and gentlemen, Machine Gun Kelly, This kid I …


  1. I believe the MGK & Em beef was a marketing tactic. Both artists are signed to interscope records, both diss tracks (killshot & rap devil) we're both produced by Ronny J. You'd figure that being that MGK and Ronny J did a diss on him that Em would probably not fw Ronny J too. Instead he used him for the killshot instrumental. I think it's a marketing ploy to give MGK more fame, get Em back into the diss-rap world after revival tanked, and overall: make interscope more money.
    Just my opinion.

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  3. People need to realize he spent 2 weeks rushing the binge ep, that’s why it wasn’t very good, when he spends time making his music it’s amazing and he’s truly one of the best rappers alive today. Wait for his next actual album before calling him a “mumble rapper” or saying “binge was trash”

  4. everyone hates mgk cause of binge, which was a short like 5 song ep. what about the entirety of revival? that album was dogshit. i know it’s just one album, but binge is just one EP.

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