1. I know how do it won't get it out but it will cover the the THC from the drug test so won't pop up dose it mean a lot thc you can do so much will still keep you from that but maybe need buy more then one and up how the person is too

  2. It's makes sense because thc sticks to fat. Think about it. Hypothetically when you cook the plant you need to add oil to the water. The good stuff from the plant sticks to the oil. After letting the water cool, you carefully scoop the oil out. Hence you have your oil for your brownie mixture. Fat is the key for absorption.

  3. People in the comments have no idea what keto is and smoking a a gram every 3 days doesn't make anyone a bitch…. it makes them smart it's so much better to smoke less then more cause you actually get high after a hard days work. I'm very interested in this because coincidentally I've been thinking about trying keto and also been cheating my p.o and out patient with 2-3 hits 1-2 times a week and been successful for many months but if I can just change the way I eat to keto and this works as I see no reason it wouldn't that it is awesome no more niacin flush with Metamucil certo b12 Gatorade concoctions. Thanks for the information man keep on keeping on.



  5. The only way to pass a urine drug test without giving up marijuana is synthetic urine. There are some real good fake urines.
    I passed my last test in april. If you want to try Certo,Detox pills, drinks or that bullshit niacin method then you MUST stop smoking weed.

  6. i stopped smoking for almost 3 months ! then i messed up by smoking 1 hit one day and 1 hit the next & then 2 hits the day after ! yes just hits out a blunt how long do you think it will be out my body ? i just found out i am 25 weeks pregnant. PLEASE HELP i just wanna be clean

  7. I have a disorder that makes it difficult for my body to store fat, essentially I have an overactive metabolism, and I weigh 152 lbs at 6'4" tall. My body is ~%2, literally.
    Even so, unless I drink a LOT of water, I cannot pas a test the same day. With that said, I am apparently smoking quite a bit more than you are! 1g? How do you even split that up in to more than one session?
    Reguardless, if I quite smoking ~3 days prior, I don't have to worry about it. If I am worried about it, I drink a gallon of water and take some B-12 before I go in…
    Good LucK!

  8. You ought to get down on your knees and ask God Jesus to free you from your sin and addiction, every time you face a problem you run to drugs instead of Christ supernatural power, hence you rob yourself of be set free from sin, its time to do things the hard way instead of using shortcuts. Drugs only destroys your body and your body is suppose to be clean and is suppose to be the temple of God, and we suppose to use it to the fullest to serve his purpose, When we do drugs we cut our lifespan shorter and thus we shorten the gift of life that God gave us.Then when we go to hell the demons torment us, guess what, the same way those drunkards are pouring down burning alcohol down their their throats and destroying their organs the same way when they die they are held down in Hell by the demons and hot burning fluid is poured down their throats continuously because thats what they did on earth, on earth they drank alcohol which does the same thing, that is alcohol slowly burns your internal organs. So they receive their just retribution in Hell and they pay the price for destroying their God Given temples, they pay for it.Think twice man.Choose whom you will serve today, either Satan or Jesus.Study the Bible and pray without ceasing.

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