1. How do you feel about harvesting these roots now; in 2018, after years of fall out and chemtrailing?  I wonder if it's as safe and effective as it once was?  I'm still going to try it!  Thanks, Sweetheart !   You're a wonderful human being!!

  2. just watched a video on dandelion coffee few days back !!! nature's finest! anyone noticed apples turning rubbery after a while? maybe its my organic apples…I've been saying , just skip organic…and go local as best as possible. weeds are healthy! welcome to wonderland:)

  3. We dont eat alot of plants and herbs that indigenous people once ate cause theyre now called weeds and dont look good in our yards and gardens. And you must use them before they have seeds or before you can make a wish on them lol

  4. I am living proof to the truth behind Dandelion roots curing abilities I was in extreme non stop pain for almost a year being a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 and very close to dying, I decided to try this as a last resort and within 72 hours was literally pain free and cured

  5. v,e been drinking dandelion root tea for a month and have been pissing like a horse.  I don,t know if it works for cancr cos I,m taking it for digestive issues but its got my bowels moving and I guess its cleaning my kidneys out which ain,t a bad thing.

  6. as you all can see plainly that nature has the answers to so many horrible things these rich corrupt evil entities are putting down on humanity. knowledge is power. free yourselves from the hand of deception and slavery. join together and get these devils out of humanities ass.

  7. I picked some dandelions from the school campus i go to. i have no clue if they ever spray them with pest/herbicides. Would it be okay or safe to eat them after i soak them in warm water and vinegar??

  8. I remember back home in NFLD , the old timers used to make Dandelion Wine ..  Maybe that is why they lived healthy for so long  !   Oh , yes , plus a shot or two of Neufy Screech !

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