1. Okay, why did this “master grower” feed the need for so many bottled supplements after building such an awesome soil. Is the sad fact that pure soil organic comes up short? So he felt the need to spend 1000’s in bottled supplements. This video made me depressed.

  2. I watched you all summer while I was making my first real attempt at gardening and you helped me a ton! I think it’s awesome I found this one. Keep up the good work!

  3. I always saw your videos due to organically grown food !! Now I love your videos even more now that you are into growing marijuana ! Good Job for you john ! I started growing marijuana , I stopped and went into growing my own food , years later and now I'm doing both !!

  4. Pathetic, You Nor Anybody else needs a GodDamn idiot "doctor" to use this Plant…
    Get it, it's A Fucking Plant!
    Meanwhile, It's still listed, As Having No Medical Value, Fucking hypocrites!…
    Scumbag, politicians trying to Fuck this shit up, like everything else they touch!

  5. I talked to a man on the on a bus once and he said that because of the toxic chemicals people were using the grow weed there was actually heavy metals in those chemicals and since cannabis is a heavy feeder it actually picks up the heavy metals so people were getting slightly toxified by the weed they were smoking but now God's love is coming through the universe and we can grow it organically

  6. that would be amazing for us to chat about all the nutrients in cannabis and how it's good for us physically nutritionally I believe cannabis is high in silica which is good for the bones and it's also an anti arthritis herb and it's an adaptogen and it's also a psychoactive herb so it takes away depression and helps us connect with the real magic of life with full heart and mind and body

  7. actually in my experience eating raw buds get you high but I've tested this and I've asked people and it turns out that there's two kinds of people there's people who get High when they eat raw Buds and there's people who deny it and say that they don't feel high at all so they must have a different chemistry or something I certainly feel very intoxicated in a good way in the light green way

  8. I wonder if John would deny this but in my experience eating cannabis buds fresh off the plant gets you so stoned and it comes on you like when you drink alcohol it's more like that feeling

  9. 555 I like when John is in the soil prep area and talking about all these amazing amendments that we will put on our plants and put on our Earth to grow amazing beneficial flowers and food for sentient life

  10. I wanted to talk to you about Gaia green organic amendments for growing cannabis . and we can talk about this over the phone 207-403-3701 . I've been really enjoying growing with Gaia green organic amendments . they have everything for the Boost and growth and amazing mineral nutrition of the plants .so that we can be totally organic and grow a cornucopia of God's loving abundance for nourishment health and fulfillment in this paradise Earth for sentient creatures and beings forever.

  11. that's very creative and ingenious to be juicing the leaves. that you are juicing the leaves is really amazing and healthy. I'm sure you are going to gather amazing benefits with this in your brain and your body will be totally healthy

  12. I will fully tend to agree . I feel I like your opinion that all herbs from God's nature are medicinal and useful to us humans , us sentient beings of life. and that growing them is a horticulturist's dream .and it trains us to love the plant and love nature and utilize our intelligence and our will and our love to take care of these plants with the best possible sciences and equipment and tools and Technologies

  13. the part about not gardening if you're not in a good mood to keep the vibes with the plants good… you actually believe that? it sounds ridiculous. sometimes working with the plants is the perfect pick-me-up. also what if something happens in your life causing you not to be in a good mood for a few days, do you skip waterings and neglect the plants until your mood turns around? sounds like some dumb hippy shit to me.

  14. Idk about that product but a lot of neem oil contains azadirachtin. Side effects include severe abdominal pain and vomiting. I won't buy any type of product after being poisoned over and over. I dont want anything out of a bottle. Which you brought attention to in the beginning of the video. Im even afraid of store bought soil. Congrats on your card though.

  15. I started watching your videos and was inspired to grow my own veggies at home because my husband is fighting an aggressive brain tumor. I figured growing my own would be healthier and less expensive. We were spending ALOT for just 2 people . I just came across your cannabis vids and juicing and you've further inspired me. I hope I can be as knowledgeable as you some day.

  16. Cannabis has helped me out with my anxiety and pain, please keep your brainwashed propaganda shit to yourselves, unless you can back it up with scientific evidence (that isn't biased)

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