How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it’s happening to about …


  1. This is a magnificent speech, but i am now searching the interent for any concrete criticism and or review of his method. I find a lot of anecdotes and quite a few opponents. Does anyone have any relevant info that i could read about this? Is this put into practice? is this method being studied by other scientists? Does this work?

  2. I'd really like to hear more details on Allan and his team's land reclamation practice. How did they begin to remediate the land without any input in feed for the grazing animals?

  3. Depopulation for Climate Change!! According to top scientists, humans have just 12 years left to make a significant reduction in Climate Change and the only way to do this is by immediately reducing the the number of 3rd world poor migrant immigrant's and their children by 90%. Whether by means of making them "disappear", or by forced sterilization disguised as mandatory vaccinations, from starvation, from the spread of Ebola, or from direct War, thy Will be done. (_)(_)[email protected]

  4. Amazing! This is just like what is happening to our coral reefs! The micro-climate changes and the coral dies. Every single congress person, senator, governor, the EPA, and the White House should watch this video! Going to send to my local officials!

  5. With all due respect, there are 2 different topics here: reversing desertification with livestock, that Savory talks about, and global warming. He doesn't say or provide any information about the impact of grassland on global warming in form of CO2 emission mitigatation potential. When he says "we can take carbon out of the atmosphere and safely store it in the grassland soil", where is the quantitative evidence of this in terms of reversing climate change? In other words, how much carbon out of the atmosphere can be "stored" in grassland, vs how much are we allowed to emit? I am not a big fan of Monbiot myself, but this is wort reading about Savory's theory:

  6. We've actually known this for thousands of years. This is why cows are sacred in India, because mother cow represents our mother Earth, and we are meant to be cow grazers who use the milk and respect mother cow and Mother Nature. In this way, nature is taken care of, and the cows are taken care of. This is the natural relationship of healthy symbiosis. Both vegans and meat eaters do not understand this principle, and actually both meat eaters and vegans are wrong. Regular grazing of healthy cows and using milk products is the best solution. This is described in the Vedas which are thousands of years old. People should listen to this ancient wisdom!

  7. If you decide to intervene in Nature and screw up, maybe the next time you shouldn't be so sure of yourself. The initial mistake in reasoning before he decided to shoot 40.000 animals was not based on lack of fundamental knowledge or technology, but rather in putting two and two together. If he failed the last time with devastating results, maybe he should leave it to people who have proven themselves.

  8. This seems to be a very good solution for preventing grass lands from desertification.
    But what is with farmlands? I'm living in an area, where there is mostly crops being planted and there is little grass land. Naturally here there would be forests, if humans would not work in nature.
    But for a long time during the year, especially in summer, the surface of the field is unprotected and broken up. Meaning it's much hotter on the field and water dries out very quickly. Forests are mostly cool and moist.
    What kind of agriculture would be sustainable here?
    Turning fields into grass land for livestock or planting woods, where there are trees growing which gives us fruit to eat. I live in Europe. I think, it will be hard to find a diversity of fruit trees able to grow here.
    But it's obviously, that it can't go on this way.

    Thanks to everybody, giving me answers in my questions or a hint where I could find them

  9. Increasing CO2 levels will cause plant growth. As any greenhouse owner. Water vapour causes more heat retention than CO2. Climate change is a complete hoax to charge a Tax. They don’t call it global warming any more. Pesky climate has been cooling for the last 5 yrs. So we are now being conned with Climate change. Something it always does. It changes.

  10. I am a bit conflicted. On the one hand that is possibly the most actionable solution to climate change that I have heard but on the other hand 40,000 elephants!!!??? Like how could that have been the solution? Eerily similar to the environmentalist 'religion' which basically says that humans are the problem and therefore… He will carry that to his grave no doubt.

  11. The meat will be much healthier too! Grass fed and even organic, much better than cattle that gets fed GMO soy and corn and are stuck in stables; the healthier the cattle, the healthier the meat, the healthier people who eat the meat!

  12. So while I was sending money to "save the elephants" charities this guy was slaughtering 40,000 of them! I thought they were supposed to be an endangered species! What a scam these charities are!

  13. I initially thought this was a bit much like playing god and felt discernment about the impact of that.

    By the end of the talk I was 90% convinced that this is quite a compelling argument for returning the worlds ecosystems back to an optimal state.

  14. Meanwhile thousands of morons bunking school each Friday to march for the climate, while holding iPhones in there hands. The Swedish idiot has even be nominated for the noble prize.

  15. If you add the contribution of urban sprawl, impermeable surfaces and channelized runoff increasing runoff, I believe we have the culprits. We truly have a great future if we just choose to make it so!

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