How to Detox Marijuana Fast – Your Best Odds for Success!!

How to detox marijuana fast from your body: if you have a drug test in 1 to 3 days and if you have a drug test in 4 to 10 days.Click here for more details: …


  1. I have smoked marijuana daily for approx 30 years. These days marijuana is very high % of THC . I quit smoking around Aug 18. I have a urine drug test this week Oct.12. I'm 54 yrs old, female, disabled and don't exercise, 145 lbs with very little muscle tone. What is your opinion of the chance of me passing? Thank you for your help.

  2. I have smoked every day for 15 years I quit a few days ago and I got a test in about 15 days what is the BEST THING I don't know what kind of test but I don't care about the cost I just need to be cleaned plz HELP I NEED THIS JOB

  3. I detoxed with Herbal Clean about 3 weeks ago then smoked a blunt yesterday with some friends. now I'm gonna drink another bottle of herbal clean. should I be good for a test in about 5-10 days?

  4. Hey Detox. I don't know if you still reply to comments on here but I'm 6'4", 192 lbs and pretty active with a high metabolism. I took one decent sized hit of a joint Thursday and a huge bong rip on Friday the 14th. My next drug test for probation is May 4th. Should I get one of these products or do you think I'll be good for my next test? Thank you!

  5. I smoked for 1 week straight then stopped for 2 days and smoked for 2 days again .before that I had stopped smoking for 2 weeks and smoke the 2 previous weeks before that .could I be clean with in the next 2 weeks?

  6. I've smoked once today and once yesterday before that I smoked a week ago for maybe a day or two again but before that I was clean for a year would I be considered heavy moderately or what kind of smoker and is 18 days enough time to get clean

  7. Hello i have a test in about 12 days and have probably smoked less than an ounce over the past 3 months..few hits a 6 feet about 130 some pounds with a high metabolism..can i pass naturally within days? Any feedback would be great thanks.

  8. i have a test in 3 days, i last smoked ten days ago. it was one hit from a bong only. prior to that its been almost a year since i last smoked. im on the heavier side and im a little paranoid that im dirty, if i only took one hit, havent smoked since what else can i do?

  9. hey I have a question too. I got a sample of weed on Friday and took about 5 or 6 small hits of it and my parents are making me do a drug test and idk if it'll be on Tuesday or some other day can you help me with this situation on how to get rid of thc out of my system?

  10. Hey im Heavy smoker ive been smokin for 2 years but i had to stop on april 1st and I havent smoked in 6 days and i got a drug test comin up on da 14th im dyin to smoke so i got a detox pill but now i have second thoughts……. Any one have ideas to help me should i smoke again or just wait it out? Thanks

  11. I need help haven't smoked in like 2 1/2 maybe 3 weeks but normally smoke on a daily (loud) got a drug test Monday been drinking nothing but water also drunk a ready clean drink but took a at home test an didn't pass but it had 1dark line an a faint 2ND line so I almost did any suggestions on Wat I can do

  12. hey what's up, I stopped smoking on new years and just had a relapse on superbowl Sunday, I have a drug test coming up between March 2nd-9th…I don't plan on smoking again in the coming days leading up to the drug test, any suggestions?

  13. Hey man my physical expires on December 10 and I just stopped smoking yesterday and today I started detoxify with mega clean and ima do it agian tomorrow, I been smoking for 2 years and heavy, I'm 5'4 and I' weight 110 what else can I do??

  14. Hello  Jynell.. Drinking only water and being an active person will no help you pass a drug test since THC is stored in your fat body tissue. You need to get extra help using one of the detox products.
    You can check the products reviews here: and decide what product will work the best for you. You can order product overnight since your test is already this Friday.
    Check  this link about home remedies as well: Good luck with your test.

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