How to Bullet Journal

Hi, let me give you a brief overview of a method I invented that will help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. I call it the Bullet …


  1. I mix bullet journalling with a planner: I use a monthly + daily planner because I need some form of "rigidity" (esp with write down the monthly log – I prefer the monthly spread to be in the normal calendar format because I'm accustomed to thinking in number of weeks – but I'm lazy to draw + most of my appointments occur 2-3 months later. Also I use the Chinese lunar calendar to keep track of Chinese festivals and solar terms so there is more work + space required if I draw my own). But I adapt the bullet journal philosophy e.g. migration, writing down lists, logging, monthly review etc, and I think this system has worked out best for me. So instead of sitting around and saying "too much work", go and try to understand the crux of this methodology and adapt it to your own needs.
    Tried managing my schedule (and sanity) digitally but I returned to paper in the end – cos I was able to slow down and remain sane when I go analogue etc (read all that stuff off the Internet regarding benefits of writing your schedule). But I still use the digital calendar and to-do list on my phone – so my mum and I could share a calendar and know each other's schedules, and that I could keep my long term goals somewhere more easily accessible.

  2. For some reason I didn’t do a daily log in my bullet journal this year, i think it was because i dont have a lot of things to do during the day and only in the month itself like homework assignments and doctors appointments

  3. I started a bullet journal and it's so far working really well. I think I got really confused since my concept of a bullet journal two years ago was just a "pretty notebook" (like those from ig posts), but it's so simple and I finally feel more organized and I don't keep stressing a lot over my tasks and goals.

  4. My first thought was: Is there an app for this?

    I see how it organizes and can be helpful, but I also can see a lot of moving things over to next or future months. Doing that the analog way seems like a lot of busywork to me. So curious if there is a digital version of this method. Analog isn't a method. It's just the medium for a method. This should work digitally as well.

  5. Cool, The Goulet Pen Company brought be here, lol.
    This is like a good companion to the Pomodoro Technique (timer heavy).

    Would this work with a small back pocket notebook? Or that's just too small?

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  6. I was in such a shock when I came across video about bullet journaling, because it was always something I wanted to do ,but didn't know how ….wow You Are Genius!!! Thank you!!

  7. I think this method is a great alternative to using a planner that's already set up. Sometimes those planners have borders or not enough room in each day. Personally, I've been considering transitioning to a bullet journal because it's more flexible day-to-day and I think it would allow me to better organize the work I have for classes what I have going on outside of school. This is one of the best bullet journal videos I've seen so far because it's concise and doesn't bother with extra art and decorations which can distract from its purpose. I feel a lot less intimidated by it now because I don't feel the pressure to make it super artsy. I don't have the time to do a lot of the artsy stuff I've seen in a lot of other people's bullet journals, I'm more linear and simplistic and I prefer to use colors as an organizational tool for subjects/tasks rather than decoration. I really like this concept and I'm looking forward to starting my own.

  8. This is so awesome. I've been taking notes on my computer for years because I love the organization that digital notes allow, as far as spacing, arrangement, organization, etc. At my new job its just quicker and less distracting to take notes in a notebook like everyone else does. This organization has answered all my concerns with written notes. Thanks!

  9. Ok I’m a little confused. With the future log do I continue to fill out the rest of the months or do I just do what he did in the video and just leave them out. Did no one else notice that? Like where to I put the rest of the months do? He skipped over that part.

  10. sorry, would like to clarify the difference between future tasks and monthly tasks. when performing the migration process the monthly tasks takes priority over future tasks?

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