How to Bake Cake in A Pot Without An Oven(DRY/EMPTY POT method)

How to Bake Cake on a stove top Without An Oven using a pot Nigerian Food TV recipes : How to Bake Cake Without An Oven using an empty dry pot.


  1. Thank you, you are a life saver! I have a Dutch oven passed to me from my mother in law which has come in as a blessing since my oven went down on the weekend. I can't get it fixed just yet so I roasted a chicken in the Dutch oven last night which was the most flavourful roast we've ever had and so moist. Different, but better flavour wise than open roasted in an oven. So tonight I want to bake a pudding (pretty chilly down here in SA this Winter) and I was really hoping I could use the Dutch oven again for this. Your video has been so helpful as I would never have known about the tin foil. I have the wrack, so I'm all set and happy now that I know it will work out great. Thanks for a very helpful video ❤️

  2. Super amazing!!! Thank you for the tutorial! Having just moved to France in an apt with no oven, I have been missing baking cakes and am excited to finally bake again!!!

  3. WOW THAT IS AMAZING! LOL So many things I am finding out for the first time today. First I'm learning about Tiger Nuts, AND NOW baking a cake WITHOUT an oven. Oh this is too much. Wow thanks I will definately be using this method when I make my organic carrot cake using tiger nuts

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