Drug intake: Mumbai youths on a 'high'

Rocking the night away with party drugs has become routine among regular college students and young working professionals in Mumbai. Like the police …


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  2. WTF? Doesn't mainstream Hinduism condone drug taking????? Such as BHANG? All those Cannabis dishes and drinks or whatever they make?! Don't some of these old baba-ji's use WEED as a spiritual elevator? Come on man. Allow the hypocrisy.

  3. Areas in Mumbai like Mumbra, Sakinaka, Marol, Kurla, Mohd Ali Road and Bandra, almost 30% of the kids are hooked on drugs like MD, BUTTON, ZIP, etc. Especially the muslims and the young workers from UP and Bihar are into it.

  4. To all idiots who think this is moral policing they are complete retards. First of all drungs and banned is almost every country, so there is nothing wrong with police raiding and catching people taking, selling or buying drugs. Secondly I would like to mention that Indian youth is influenced by the western culture, its not just India its everywhere but its very much in India. Well its up to individual to decide what is good and what is bad to take from west. Just blindly copying everything from west will make us loose our self esteem and that is my friends modern day slavery. Please save yourself from that.

  5. India is the biggest copycat in the world. If the west if they wear a mini skirt they'll wear even more mini. nothing is original with them they copy and spread it amongst them and to the Indian subcontinent.

    I remember the time their movies was and is a copy of Hollywood now they joined hands for many issues. They didn't even know the V and middle finger sign the words gays lesbian threesomes "wow" so on, their eduction centre is only the west, Hollywood movies and bollywood movies actors, spreading a disease.

  6. Nothing but smokescreens and window dressing. The worse kind being those that carry moralistic messages that lay burden of responsibility on citizenry to distract and divert attention on systemic failures and so called institutional corruptions that some factions of the press would have a major hand in. Especially if it's still promoting backward theories like the gateway or funnel effect. Never mind warlords and underworld figures who generate high profits that trickle back into the economy in some fashion anyway through such elicit trades. Including to the upper and upper middles classes that members of the press would belong to. While lower tiers can be lifted up through such activity, by ultimately investing ill gotten gains into stocks, bonds or directly into infrastructure so that the entire community can be legitimized once enough start up capital has been accumulated. Establishing banking, media and legislative representation of their own once they can afford it. Although in the mean time, covers must be maintained correct? Especially when such issues relate to keeping land, equity and labor pools in the hands of local conglomerations. But at who's expense? youngsters who are misinformed and badly supervised? This report would point more to those dimension of the problem (e.g. drugs being used to thin out the middle classes), versus the other side of the equation that involves drug addicted work forces of the slum areas, who would have virtually no economic or political rights but are used en mass in this way?

  7. I m sorry to say, but these guyz are among the most USELESS population of the country…all they care bout is quick silver & 'I', 'Me', & 'Myself'…they are either 'baap-kamaai' or 'aap-kamaai' wich is more than they really deserve…

  8. @samurai there is no need to publish their names, just because they made a mistake of personal choice doesnt mean you expose their names and bring shame upon those young adults and their family. stop spreading lies saying 'most' kids , they may be facing a problem in other parts of their life. Don't talk down on someone unless you're helping. You're only paving way for hatred with your comment. I doubt you'd have written the same had there been someone you knew that got caught. P.S your comment is the cancer so please make it stop

  9. Parents are to be blamed, if they were correct, their children wouldnt go this way, dig into their family history and you will discover where things went wrong for these kids to have restlessness, listlessness or depression or the feeling of exasperation with life that leads to these things.

  10. parents to be blamed-
    when their children goes out- what the  parents are doing. I am a drug counsellor- fly members think that it is governments duty to protect their children -they are ashamed of their children being called as drug abusers.

    Parents has to be punished simultaneously

  11. im very simple guy…..most of guys might not be agree what im gonna tell to you……….you should not take such a intoxicated things which make you abuse other i mean elder….and lose ur snce …do sm strange or weird behaviours…….there are so much things are  just in front of you to have fun….jus need to pick dt one up…..and have fun……..why we are gonna copy others……..make yourseff innovative……..

  12. kash waha par sriram sena hota un pubs may…ek ek randi aur randa pakad kar aisi dulai kartey..aglay baar ghar se bahar nikalnay k liye bhi dar jatay.aur ya dude wats up bro""aisi aisi english bhi buljatay

  13. Why are people in the comment section talking about India like its a bad country..smh..drugs are everywhere in the world and every single country has its problems with drugs..so stop insulting these Indian people for there drug problem because we all have ours

  14. NO government is totally fair.there is corruption everywhere.US got its independence some 250 years ago and India yet to turn 65.Probably you are not considering the "265 trillion dollars" looted by Britishers.Yes there are problems.But we are improving,and we will..:)

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