1. "drugs" is a pretty broad category. so just "drugs" in general make your eyes do this or which ones specifically are they refering to? im sorry i just get annoyed with blanket propoganda

  2. @seanfitch1998 No, its an exaggeration. Drugs make your pupils dialate, kinda like a cats. Not the entire eyes. But if you get pulled over police can see your dilated pupils and you can go to jail.

  3. man i'm so glad i live in rural america, smokin pot and driving down the road is super easy and super safe. just have your co-pilot grab the wheel and smoke away. smokin pot and drivin is fine, but being geeked up on coke or meth and driving is just fucking stupid.

  4. @thinkuk This advert id absolutly stupid. Why on earth would someones eyes be that big? I mean even under the influence of Cannabis (because this advert is blatenly aimed at that) their eyes would not be bulging out of their heads! Why would the whole car of people just stare straight at the police? Oh yeah and have you ever even tried to look into another car at night? Hard isnt it. Can't really see everyone in the car. Stupid drug propaganda adverts.

  5. Some drugs do make your eyes weird, true… so why CGI the eyes like this? It totally distracts from the main message.

    Also, it's so clumsy — the implication is that the car only got pulled over because the girl was stupid enough to make eye contact with the cops.

  6. This ad fails on so many levels.

    a) It's obviously true that certain drugs make your eyes look weird. And yes, the cops (or your mum) can spot this. So why bother CGIing the eyes to make them look so totoally unrealistic? It just distracts from the small grain of truth embedded deep within the ad.

    b) It's a warning: NEVER stare at the cops! Don't make eye contact, and you'll be right.


  7. @talkietaco
    it was only to make it faster instead of wasting time.
    normally I start getting into a argument with people that correct me or wind me up, but since you were being polite I don't fell I should start getting rude

  8. @all those calling BS on this…

    It's not just based on the eyes, they're just a tell-tale sign!

    If the police suspect you're under the influence of an illegal substance, they conduct a series of roadside tests and if you fail them I presume you'll be arrested and given a blood test by a police surgeon.

  9. I've been accused of taking drugs when I'm really tired. My eyes are red and my brain does not function to 100% when I need sleep desperatly so it looks like people like me will also be picked on by the police.

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