1. YES. it opens your mind. try drawing a picture sober. then draw a picture when you're high. Or try it when you rap (arts). It's BETTER. it's like comparing (three days grace) <-low average-average, genetic bank VS (Cobain) <- highly creative, out of the ordinary, outside the box, new way of seeing something MIND BLOWING CREATIVITY

  2. I heard from a friend who knows a guy who when he has smoked..comes up with some very interesting ideas and even at times writes down formulas on how the brain works and other odd but impressive notes that when read sober gives you a feeling of wow..how did all this come from a normally closed mind.. its very weird that all that is hidden inside and is only released thru smoking pot..the info flows out without thought and so fast its hard to write down fast enough to retain it…

  3. You interviewed a bunch of no-name talentless simpleminded kids, you're not gonna see any increase of creativity in these people because they had none to begin with.

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