DIY How To Turn Your Weed Trimmer Head Into A Brush Cutter Blade To Clear Land And Property

The trimmer head of the weed whacker is made to come off in order to accommodate a brush and under growth blade. The brush cutter can cut up to 1 inch …


  1. Do they make these for electric trimmers? have a green works would love a blade like this. Love not using gas so easy to charge and use, no gas to deal with,

  2. I have several weedeaters but most of them with a straight shaft that might be able to handle a blade are made by stihl to name a few I have a FS70r, FS75, FS90, and FS130. I am looking at putting it on the fs70r and maybe a McCulloch BC327 if the kit is still available. The head looked almost identical to the ones on mine. Which blade do you think is going to be the safest? I have chaps and headgear as well as a good pair of heavy boots I wear also.

  3. HI DAN: Thank You for the great video and information. Could you tell me what that kit for the blade is called? I live in Central America and I would have to order it online. Need all the help I could get. Again Thank You

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