1. Sorry Ben away for a week alot Ben going on glad to be re capping everything I have a quistion how do I stop cape der ants it's not that bad right now but my leafs are eaten an I found 1 today in my room what would completely stop it that not oestiside or sprey

  2. I flushed my plant because it was "time" to do so since it was supposedly an 8 wk strain. THEN I realized I still have a bunch of white pistols and she is not yet ready. Maybe even another 2 weeks. Do you think I should I just feed water or go back to nutes and phosphorus?

  3. Man that is a huge πŸŒ²πŸ‘ I'm in the market for a dependable light for my flower room it's a4*6sq.ft. room I built out in my shed πŸ‘ great work the lights seem to be great everywhere

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