Anti Drug PSA Marijuana

Marijuana does have some good medical uses, but how many people are actually using it for those reasons? “Gateway” – Please pray …


  1. "Like it right here, man". Love how they stereotyped weed, need some Bob Marley playing in the background though.
    Ecstasy was at a rave and coke was at a party, shouldn't have been businessmen hanging out though to step up the stereotype.
    OK, meth and heroin are horrible drugs but the heroin one was a little inaccurate. Need to be set in a 1990s grunge scene and had her nodding out instead of becoming violent and breaking everything, PSA logic for you. Meth wasn't bad, the stereotypical tweaker wearing a hoodie and becoming a criminal/possible murderer.

  2. I realize this is an extremely old post and you probably don't care anymore, but I just read it and feel like responding. No, I don't think mescaline's as dangerous as heroine, but then again, I really have no knowledge of the drug, do you see what I mean? I didn't even know mescaline existed until a few years ago. Granted, I've never had any interest in it, but I was never told about it during all of those anti-drug talks in school, they give no information, just fear.

  3. i did ecstasy before i continually smoked weed i smoked spice before but thats shit but really it was my choice i still smoke weed but im done with that for now

  4. @TheOneartist I didn't say you meant it in a bad way. You said "Weed might lead to psychedelics". It also might lead to cocaine. Anything "might" lead to anything else, so why bother saying it at all?

  5. They said weed would lead to harder drugs.
    They lied
    They said weed is addictive.
    They lied
    They said weed kills brain cells
    They lied
    They said weed has no medical value
    They lied
    Wat else did they lie about….?

  6. I am sick of this bullshit "gateway" theory, they can't find anything wrong with weed, so this is the only bull crap they could come up with? GOD DAMN IT. I've been smoking weed for about 39 years, since my high school days, i swear: i have never touched another drug, i have never even thought about snorting coke, injecting heroin, lighting meth… This is absolute horse shit, the government can't tax it, haven't found a way to make money off it… ILLEGAL STATUS INSTANTLY…

  7. lmfaooooooooo when does this happen??? ive been smokin weed for years now and my green bowls havent turned to crack pipes yet. oh well i love smoking a natural plant and dont plan on ever smoking some shit a crack head cooked up with a bic and an old cambells soup can

  8. @ColoradoGarrett But it would also be a weak stereotype that doesn't apply to the vast majority of weed smokers. Much like saying black people all only eat fried chicken and all white guys are serial killers. Discriminatory stereotypes are not something to encourage.

  9. they brainwash and warn people about the dangers of cannabis then when we realize it was all a lie they expect us to listen and trust what they say about harder drugs. reminds me of an inspiring story about a boy that cried wolf. the government could learn a thing or two from that story

  10. @auroraman56 plus most of them aren't accurate anyway. they should gather a support group to figure out what actually happens when you're on the drug or take it themselves.

  11. @pinkprincess9113 I stopped smoking for a year. My blood pressure went from it's normal 110/65, to a high of 155/110.
    Within a week of starting again, my BP was in its normal range.
    Harassment by law enforcement, and the so-called moral majority, are the only negative effects I've found.
    Besides that, according to the Bible, Jesus created cannabis. John 1:1-3, Genesis 1:11,12, & 29.

  12. @pinkprincess9113 There's actually a doccumentary you should watch called Super High Me. Its very informative. You'll actually learn some facts, that way you don't have to post dumb ass comments on youtube like this.

  13. @pinkprincess9113 You're just being ignorant, it's just like the guy below me said "Marijuana can be addictive, so can chocolate" , and spend one month without it? I don't do drugs, but lately i can't spend one month without masturbating, it makes me feels so good, so what? My life sucks and it's the only way i can have a pleasure, is that a bad thing? Marijuana can be addictive LIKE OTHER GOOD THINGS maybe, the effects i don't know so well, i just think you're not getting it.

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