Alaska reporter "F*ck it, I quit" on live tv. Quits on air! (Extended) KTVA

Extended version of Charlo Greene’s exit from television as she reports on a cannabis voting ballot story. At the end of the segment she reveals that she is the …


  1. I personally think there's a lot of things that TV programs shouldn't show. However course or crude language isn't an extreme offense. In some situations It's actually the only way to impart the correct connotation. Though cussing shouldn't be excessive. The reason her quote is so well remembered is not because she swore, but because she never did before. The resulting F-bomb was far more powerful.

  2. Having a sharp, clear mind, it just feels so peaceful. A program, like the one in Nemery Thentel's website, can make anyone quit week within a week, without having to go through withdrawal. There's also therapy and support groups, to each his own.

  3. To everyone shooting her down for saying the word "fuck" and quitting her job on live TV while standing up for herself, please go fuck yourselves. We live in an age where school shootings are common, nobody seems to give a shit about gun control, and little is being done about unemployment, and you're bitching at this lady for standing up for herself and refusing to be a clown like all the other "anchormen" in this lousy husk of a media industry? Get over yourselves!

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