25 Plant "618"lb. Mendo Dope Marijuana Garden featured in High Times Magazine.

WARRING the 25 plant garden in this video you are about to watch is 100% real and was completely destroyed right at harvest on October 10th at 11am by …


  1. What’s the problem with the mold? I saw the portugese pick their plants after summer, dry them and pack them in brown paper, then bury them underground for the winter. Next year you get a real mellow smoke, boi.

  2. Fun fact: Anything that cops seize in legal grow ops will be claimed as their property and you can't claim it back. Including Nutes, lights, ur plants, and tools

  3. I have a second cousin that does this as well out in N. CA (except on his place, hes got THREE growing areas and each one is almost twice the size-about 35 to 50 plants in each of the 3 areas) and he also uses these 1/2 ton, 1/4 and 1/8th ton growing bags to grow his plants in like the black bags in this video and…
    How the dickens do both this guy and my 2nd cousin keep these SOOO LOVELY darlings from blowing ove in the least little breeze??!? Especially after they get taller than the ladder in this video??
    (And…Grrrs…no I DONT live in CA but in KY where I legally grow hemp AND I would LOVE to be able to grow even my own hemp plants this HUGE BUT here in KY we get bouquot thunderstorms and lots of windy days here compared to out there in CA…??

  4. thats true to a degree, of most plants, ive seen over 20 foot chilli plants grown in the ground for example. and hops can grow over 30 feet but put them in a pot and they get root bound

  5. 25 pounds a plants ya right I know 10 is possible I seen 10 on plants the same size as yours In Oroville 25 a plant I think you are counting wet weight with trim and stems and everything

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