1. Now I know they are people at my school who have dyslexia but to the people that don't and are just skyving are the ones that are making dyslexia a myth. I know they aren't dyslexic because they told me and read better than I but get to skyve anyway. Which is why I feel bad for people who actually have being ignored and mocked.

  2. Before I knew that I had dyslexia I would get mad at my self and cry I would see kids in my class at page 6 and I'm still half way on 1 and having to read it again Because I don't get it I can't spell and k would cry I would try and try and not ba able to it takes me some time but now I know I have something a answer now i don't feel that way

  3. Hello I have dyslexia. I love reading but I hate writing I cry so much and Period of my life I was depressed about it . When I write the comments on YouTube or anything I sorry at the end of it for spelling mistakes. I is never picked in class to read anything out loud when I really really want to read. I cry so while writing this much but today I am not ready to say sorry because of my spelling mistakes in this there will be a lot I promise you that .I can’t even write a sentence on own and I’m crying right now.

    If you read all that thank you 😊 it 12:00 at night and this took me 40 minutes.


  4. I first watched this video few years ago. Dyslexia was bad on me back then and the first text there.. Well i couldn't notice it was wrong. Now after all this time, i have became better.. and i can read almost normally. I knew instantly it was wrong and i can these days read as others, just a bit slower.. Just wanted to say that any younger people watching this and you got dyslexia.
    I-t g-e-t-s b-e-t-t-e-r

  5. My second grade teacher was the worst. I have a very mild dyslexia, and in second grade my mom asked my school to see if I have dyslexia, at the time we didn’t know. My second grade teacher said I didn’t have dyslexia. But when I got test again for dyslexia is the people who tested me said I had it since second grade, my mom looked at the the test that I took in second grade again and saw that my second grade teacher lied because she thought if I had dyslexia it would ruin her reputation even though that was wrong.

  6. This is my theory for dyslexia. I don't know if its true, but its an idea.

    Basically, all people I know with dyslexia are left handed. Since the left side of your brain powers your right side and the right side powers your left brain, its a little confusing. The left side of your brain is bigger which is why most people are right handed. People with dyslexia who are left handed had to fit the left handedness into the right side of their brain which caused an internal error which made them miss a part of their thinking which is the reading part. Since the left side of the brain is the creative part and the part most people use for their hand, theres just a big space where the handedness is supposed to go. Dyslexics are supposed to be more creative than undyslexics which is why the empty space in their brain is used for creativity.
    The Bottom Line- (Literally)
    People with dyslexia aren't ordinary, or bad. They are extraordinary.

  7. I have a story of when my sister said that her two friends who are dyslexic see letters back wards and then she asked me who is dyslexic if I see letters back wards I said no and then she insisted that I wasn't dyslexic because I didn't see letters back wards ( I was tested for dyslexia and did have it) and I kept telling her that yes some people with dyslexia see letters back wards but not all of them and she still insisted that she was right and I was wrong I had to leave the room because I was going to fight her

  8. I wish we changed or add the laws in America and all around the world so all the adults with dyslexia would get assistive technology help in every day life with reading and writing. We should the future for kids and adults alike.

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