The Truth About Drugs and Alcohol

Over half of high school students and a third of middle school students say that drugs exist on their campus. Although students receive information through …


  1. I am a counselor for 25 years and I started giving free community presentations to educate Americans! People are not getting the help they need at treatment centers due to lack of self-empowerment, stigma/judgement/guilt and shame and high stress and no real community support. See my you tube video on how
    Everyone's an Addict: Drugs, Alcohol the American Dream and more!
    I will show anyone how addiction is something we can all relate to and we need to stop putting judgement on those suffering with addiction!

  2. Once…I did the alcohols and the marajuanas. Now all I do crocodile and black tar heroine, I no longer have a ejamakation (education) and due to crocodile my dick fell off …don't do drugs kids.

  3. ▬▬► Hi friеnds. If уоu or а lovеd оnе nееds hеlр with drugs оr аlсоhоl aаddiсtiоn CАLL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dооon't wаit until its tоо lаtе whеrеее thеrе is lifе thеrе is hоре pрррееeасе and blеssings!

  4. Alcohol is a drug morons. Worse then any illegal one. Kills more then any other each year. Can't walk,talk,drive. U do stupid shit , can't remember shit, do things u would normally not do, brain cells Gone, liver gone.. ect ect . U get HIGH on alcohol 

    They say drugs AND alcohol like its not a drug, say drunk not high to make u think its not a drug. Fact remains it is a drug u get high from and the worse as there are more alcohol related deaths each year then any other. Most crimes are done on alcohol, people Rob stores with no mask why ? Cause they were so high on alcohol they become beyond stupid and do beyond stupid things.

    Watch " Weed" by DR. Sanjay. This will open your eyes.

  5. Also why'd you say I'm 12 then said I'm a daily weed smokin adult? Your a fuckin clown you just had diarrhea flow right outta your mouth go clean yourself . You clearly aren't a student or have a job either

  6. @Dizzygeico uh I'm 18 and if you just spent 40 min watching this as well you must not be doin anything tht important either. Do you attend school or have a job? I doubt it because according to you if you just spent. 40 min watching this then your not doin anything either

  7. And obviously i like to have weed but if I don't have any I'm not gonna start flippin like an idiot. I usually go like fuckin 5-6 without smokin on average. If I have it I'm happy but if I don't then it's shitty but it's whatever. I like it but I don't need it because I'm not gonna start seizing or someshit if I don't smoke every day.

  8. umm for one weed isn't a drug its a herb! and two there has never been anyone with a weed addiction unless there just messed up from the beginning ! Im not saying I smoke it but I have and I would still if it was aloud in the u.s. IM from cali and California lets there people smoke weed and its one of the best states in the world and not just because there is weed there its because they have there own freedoms and right when were soppost to be the free state ! REALLY think twice before u judge a herd! not a drug! judge meth and there other worse ones like cigarettes ! weed don't cause nothing but a high it don't cause as much lung cancer or any other defect like others so just stop!

  9. this is more elitist propaganda to condition the next generation that it is 'normal' for people to inspect your urine.  just like the schools forcing kids to thumbscan for their lunches.  pscyho police taking dna swabs at traffic stops.  govt forcing blood tests for dirivers license.  you know 'the new normal'

  10. It can sometimes be difficult to know just when one has had too much to drink. It can be even more difficult to know just when one has crossed the legal limit for them to drive.

  11. I am a herbalist yh negative people like you that cuss weed before trying it makes me sick … go smoke a fucking joint then we shall talk again about your perception on weed and life .. thanks bye

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