The Emerald Triangle: the three biggest marijuana producing counties in the USA

The Emerald Triangle: the three biggest marijuana producing counties in the USA Proposition 19, the measure to legalize marijuana in California, drew its …


  1. i could of told you there were hispanic by the huge bag of tortillas and tapatio sauce left behind .
    Hey im not talking sh$T at least if i was with these guys i would eat something other then mac n cheese

  2. that's right.. help bring it in, get money for that. then use tax money for your "war on drugs" … confiscate large amounts of drugs, then sell it for more money. repeat.

  3. The only reason these people get away with this is because they work for the Feds. This county supports the War on Drugs, and supplies the Feds with ammunition they need to attack fellow Americans.

  4. the dispensary owner should not have been bragging about illegal transactions on television,it is still a priority to make busts and prevent non patients from recieving medical marijuana.but yeah the news snitched of course because they are federal rats

  5. Maybe you guys should get back in your helicopters and head your sorry asses way south to fight border crime. Sad we waste money on you; And maybe somebody just likes Hispanic comic books.

  6. They're only patrolling public land….that's the scraps of land left to the mexicans. The russians, mong and neo nazis bought up private land and grow all they want. This window dressing show of "law enforcement" is a joke.

  7. Why isn't everyone upset about how you can be a Medical Marijuana Patient yet you can still get arrested? Yes and you can still lose your job, What? and this is FREEDOM? this plant has more benefits than any other Plant.. I am tired of the LIES..

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