1. if you do not quit in an hour if you are a boy will get those breasts in the start of the video if you are a girl then you will lose them
    like if you do not want to have breast cancr

  2. Hi friends,

    So many children are still confuse..

    Smoke करनेवाले hero होते है,
    When they grow mature, they see mouth alcer than cancer.

    Our movement Cancerfreeworld 2020, will bring understanding about smoking making father zero not hero, will save so many life.
    Awareness of early detection will save their life.

    Need your participation in the game by way of suggesting new actions to bring velocity.

    World is waiting for you powerful leaders,
    who are ready to contribute,
    committed for extra ordinary life for others too..
    Please join the movement of No smoking papa.

  3. I think that is alarmist bolloxs  , I gave up smoking du to repeated propaganda of this nature and the expense after 40 odd years .I was admitted to hospital because of diverticular disease ( pretty much the only disease  nobody claims is to do with smoking)      I didn't admit I had ever smoked and all the medics said how lucky it was I was a non-smoker as every thing else was in such good shape ,I bet if I had said I only gave up  2 years prior they would have told me how much damage every thing had !

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